Monday, 4 November 2019

November 2019

NO green grass.
NO blue sky.
NO bare feet going by.
NO birds.
NO bees.
NO leaves on trees.
NO wonder they call it NOvember!!


We are zipping through Autumn pretty quickly! November is a very busy month with Fundraisers and Preschool get-togethers!
Please check your emails for notices that have been sent out and please, check your child's bulletin boards daily for new notices. We don't want you missing all the due dates coming up!!
Please check out what went on in the classrooms last month: read the blogs below!

Important Dates

NOV 7/8 - PHOTO DAYS (3s & 4s)
DEC 11/12 - CHRISTMAS SERVICES (3s & 4s)

Discovery Twos - Arsi, Danielle, Marjan, Vibha

Welcome to the Rainbow Room blog and thanks for your time for reading this blog to get an idea of the activities and other things that we do in the class.

We started this month with "The Leaves are Falling on the Ground" song during circle time with lots of colourful scarf dancing. Such a beautiful dance it was. We decorated the class with prints of leaves which was one of our art projects. The first Fall holiday was Thanksgiving and we made a beautiful painting with feathers. The children enjoyed using feathers as paintbrushes. After that, we went through the pumpkin carving fun for Halloween. The children used their senses to touch, smell and discover seeds and other stuff inside the pumpkin. 

We continued Halloween with decorating the room with lots of beautiful hanging materials, which then became prettier with more of the children's artwork. They made a ghost with shaving cream and used their fingers and hands for painting them. Also, the children made bats and pumpkins and we used blocks for painting pumpkins. During Circle Time, we read "Whooooo' s That?", a lift-the flap pumpkin fun book, and also "Halloween Treats", a touch and feel book.

We would like to thank all the parents who helped us for the Halloween parties. Our parties will always be prettier and more fun with your help and efforts. 

As usual, please come and talk to us if you have any comments or concerns. Thanks again for your time reading this blog.

Treehouse Classroom - Karen, Susan, Brita, Marjan, Carol

Welcome to the Treehouse room blog. Thank you for taking the time to read and review our class highlights, activities and messages from teachers.

The month of October got off to a beautiful start. The classroom was decorated with red, yellow, orange and brown Fall art and leaves. Here in the Treehouse room we love celebrating each season and holiday with decorations. The children’s Fall leaves were displayed throughout the class. The first Fall holiday was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving brings art such as a hand print turkeys, books such as “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Turkey” and cooking apple sauce with fresh apples. Thank you to all of the children and parents who brought in a peeled apple for our activity.

Before the hype of Halloween hit, the Treehouse room teachers decided to make a fun day out of “crazy hair day”. The children came with some very creative hairstyles, us teachers joined in on the fun too. Throughout the year we will partake in fun and creative days that takes all of us out of the typical daily routine. We will keep you posted on our next special event via email.

We moved from Thanksgiving to Halloween seamlessly. Halloween is an exciting and lively celebration for the children in the Treehouse room. We began Halloween art with a pumpkin patch at the back of our classroom. Take a look at the “puffy paint” pumpkins. Skeletons were made with Q-tips and are also displayed on our school walls. This specific art work allowed the children to openly create a skeleton as well as follow the teacher’s directions. We all enjoy the energy of Halloween however we don’t want the classroom to become too “scary” or “spooky”. We thank the parents for following our costume rules on the day of our class party and celebrations.
Over the last month we have been able to take walking excursions during our afternoon class. We are lucky to be located close to Edgemont Village as well as calm roads to take a stroll. The lovely Fall weather has allowed us to walk through our preschool neighbourhood to pick leaves and acknowledge the changing colours. We were lucky enough to have a fun village visit this month. The students and teachers ventured over to Edgemont Village to have a hot chocolate at Delaney's, pick a small pumpkin from Columbus farm market and collect stickers from BC playthings and the firefighters. This walkabout was very fun for us all!
Elmer the Safety Elephant joined us for a morning lesson this month. The children enjoyed listening to him and his friend “Ruff” talk about the importance of road safety. Elmer highlights safe crossings when on the road, wearing a helmet and the different traffic light signals. At St. Catherine’s Preschool we feel learning road safety is imperative to our students, especially now that we are venturing into the neighbourhood for walks.
Team Clarke dropped off pumpkins at the preschool for our Halloween festivities. We would like to thank Team Clarke Real Estate for their generous contribution. 

To end the blog post, us Treehouse room teachers would like to take the time to go over a couple housekeeping notes. First off, with many children staying all day, it is important to pack a generous amount of food/snacks. We are finding many of the children are running out of food at last snack. Please come and chat with us if you have any questions. Secondly, we would like to thank all of the parents who contributed to our Halloween parties. The parties would not be possible without your help. The children always love party days and eating yummy food.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and we hope you check back here next month! 

Sunflower Classroom - Arsi, Danielle, Carol

It is hard to believe we have only been at school for 2 months…We have been so busy doing so many things.
For the Month of October, we started with Thanksgiving and what we are Thankful for.  It was lots of fun to hear each child show and share their ‘Tom Turkey” they made with their families. There were some very interesting places the Turkey got to hide in.  We listened to the Story about ‘The Little Old Lady who swallowed a Turkey’ & sang 5 Little Turkeys.  We listened to a Felt story about Harvest Time and talked about what we were Thankful for. We also played ‘pin’ the feather on the Turkey.  We painted with corn, carrots potatoes & peppers and decorated Turkey’s.

We then moved onto Fall…and talked about all the beautiful colours we could see on the trees and on the ground. We listened to the story about why the leaves change colour.  We listened to a Felt story about a Scarecrow and sang 5 Black Crows and listened to the story ‘Going on a Leaf Hunt’. We played games where we matched different colour leaves or had to guess which leaves were missing. For art we made prints with real leaves and used diffusing paper and water colour and watched the colours red & yellow merge together to make orange. We also turned our home corner into a pumpkin patch and collected our own ‘pumpkins’.
Of course it was now time for Halloween…We talked about how we make pumpkins into Jack o Lanterns and we listened to the story about the Pumpkin who didn’t want to be orange. We put our muscles to work and cut out and decorated our own pumpkins. ‘We listened to the story “There was an old Lady who swallowed a Bat’ and ‘Room on a Broom’. We played games with our 5 Witches and sung “The Spooky Hokey Pokey’. We laughed when we heard about the Skeleton with the Hiccups and we also discovered a skeleton in our water table.  We used Q-tips to make our own skeleton body and work out how many ribs we needed.  We decorated Bats and glued our own Witches together. We also had the opportunity to meet Elmer the Safety Elephant. On our last day of the week we come to school in PJ’s and made Pumpkin Pancakes…Yummy…Thanks to all the families who brought our yummy party food…it was enjoyed by all!!

Just a reminder that it is getting chilly outside and we do play outside if it is not raining so please pack a warm jacket.  Any questions, please feel free to ask us.  

Music Program - Tiffany

Image result for halloween stompCongratulations on a successful October, filled with many tricks, musical treats and spooky surprises! In October, we danced to the ‘Halloween Stomp’ and sang like witches, ghosts and werewolves! We also used shakers to get to know our body parts by, ‘Shaking our Skeleton Bones’. One of our biggest achievements from October is learning the difference between ‘forte’ which is to sing or play loudly and ‘piano’ which is to sing or play quietly.

Image result for forte and pianoThe children are singing loud and proud with confidence and careful musical intention. As we continue to build our vocal technique, we have also become more comfortable with the listening portion of creative music. We are enhancing our ability to recognize different types of instruments by listening and then guessing which one we are listening to. The music wall is a great tool for instrument identification.

Image result for keyboard familyIn October, we covered the instruments in the Keyboard family and this month we are focusing on the string family. We enjoy listening to the instruments on the music wall and we love to pretend we are playing; Just like the real thing!

November brings excitement for the holidays as we prepare for our annual Christmas Service. We will continue to experiment with various instruments that resonate, such as the triangle and the hand bells. Our voices resonate too! Stay tuned, as we add even more vocal texture to our toolbox, by learning to sing ‘legato’ and ‘staccato’. Our upcoming Christmas Service is just around the corner and we can’t wait to showcase all that we have learned. WE LOVE TO SING!

Resource Office - Marion

I hope everyone had a good October.  I was away in Australia visiting my youngest son, Derek and his wife Gemma. They are expecting their first baby in March.  We had a great holiday, but it is nice to be back home and see all the children and staff.  I have been at St. Catherine’s for 22 years and it is a very big part of my life.  It was so nice to see all the wonderful bulletin boards with all the amazing art projects.  I thought I would start this blog by describing two of our classroom activities and what they bring to your child’s development. 

  • We are sharing, taking turns and cooperating
  • Making sense of our world
  • Speaking and listening
  • Problem solving
  • Role playing
  • Expressing our ideas
  • Making connections to our world
  • Imagining and creating
  • Understanding feelings.
  • Creating
  • Expressing ourselves
  • Exploring a variety of media and textures
  • Building self esteem
  • Experimenting with colour, line and shape
  • Using the language of artists
  • Taking risks
  • Using big and small muscles

If you have any questions or concerns about your child please speak to the teachers and/or drop by the office.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

October 2019

Crunching, crinkling Autumn leaves, spiraling swirling in the breeze!

Gone are the days of Summer with late nights, beaches and family vacations. 
We will miss Summer, but Autumn is pretty special too! The colours, the smells and the SWEATERS!

Take the time to create special Autumn memories with your families by having game nights, outside treasure hunts, Thanksgiving get togethers and of course...pumpkin carving for Halloween!

The weather will be getting unpredictable so please make sure you have all the appropriate clothing and outside gear so your little one will be comfortable, whatever the weather.

Sickness is a big part of this time of year so please make sure you keep your little ones home when they are not well. If they have fevers, coughs, rashes, loose stools or are just running low on energy, keep them home. Even though your child is able to attend if they are sick, we cannot risk them getting those who are immune compromised sick as for them, it could mean a hospital stay.

We also have many special events coming up so stay tuned to the bulletin boards, notices and your Year at a Glance so nothing gets forgotten! 

Preschool is a special time in your child's life and it will go fast. Please take the time to be a part of the preschool community and help your child to foster a love of school and community spirit. 

We have an Open Door policy so please stop in anytime to have a chat.

And check out our FUNDRAISERS! We are a non-profit and any money we make we funnel directly back into the preschool in the form of books, supplies, sports equipment, playground upgrades and special activities and events! We couldn't do what we do without your support!


                              LOVABLE LABELS


Important Dates

NOV 7/8 - PHOTO DAYS (3s & 4s)

Discovery Twos - Arsi, Danielle, Marjan, Vibha

Our  youngest members of St.Catherine's Preschool are beginning to settle in
nicely to the program.  Most are happy to stretch their boundaries.  A few
still need a little more time to feel secure with Mom and Dad leaving.  Such
is the nature of two year olds.  Often this is their first experience away
from family.  They love to explore their surroundings, but need to still
stay close to their primary base of support and trust.  Separation anxiety
is quite strong at this stage, but often it is only the "good-bye" that is
difficult.  For this reason we encourage you to make "good-byes" short and

We set up the rooms in a way that facilitates exploration and discovery
through play.  A great deal of time is spent exploring, pushing, pulling,
filling, dumping and touching.  Two year olds  feel secure in environments that are familiar and for this reason you may see the same toys and equipment out  for several weeks.  What we will do is present these familiar
toys in different setups (e.g adding a set of wooden blocks to the cars and garage).

Two's love painting, splashing in the water table, housekeeping, singing and
dancing at circle time.  Although play tends to be more solitary, they enjoy
being in each other's company, playing side by side.  We are still waiting
for a few more family photos.  Children love to look at these pictures especially if they are missing mom or dad.  Please encourage your child to
walk up and down the stairs holding onto the railing when being brought to
or leaving the preschool.

Check the white board outside the classroom for a synopsis of our day and
please feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to an exciting year- a year of tremendous growth in
confidence and abilities.  We hope that this first group experience will be
an enjoyable and memorable one for both you and your child.

Treehouse Classroom - Karen, Susan, Brita, Marjan, Carol

Welcome to our first blog for the Treehouse room. Please continue to check us out as this blog is a monthly occurrence. It will keep you up to date on all the fun things your child is doing at preschool. 

For the beginning of this year we decided to talk about where we live, British Columbia and Canada. In case your child has not told you or you have not noticed we have put a boat in the home corner fitted with life jackets and oars. We are making our way down the Capilano River. Along the way we have seen salmon, ravens, bears, deer, skunks, raccoons, owls and cedar trees (stuffed animals that is). Take a look in the hall at the totem poles and the salmon run. We have also put up a board for art that comes from the easel.
The children made paper Inukshuks for art and we introduced a Canadian artist named Ted Harrison who was known for his colourful landscape paintings. 
Another art we did was Culinary, we made pancakes with...eggs, buttermilk, sugar, flour, butter, baking powder, blueberries and maple syrup from either B.C. or Canada. Everyone had a turn to measure the ingredients, stir the batter, put a pancake in the pan and last but not least eat one.
Our circle time has been filled with stories about places to visit locally and it was nice to hear that so many of the children were familiar with what we were reading…..ABC Canada, Soaring Salmon, Ferry Ride, An Inukshuk Means Welcome, Oh Canada our National anthem just to name a few. We also played a game on our felt board, What colour Salmon is missing? What local animals do we have and what habitat do they live in and Black bear, black bear what do you see? Yoga was also done at circle with poses from our local animals and the Inukshuk pose. We really enjoyed starting up the year with this theme and we hope the children did too.

We have started our Family Tree. All the children have made a paper animal to attach and we now need a family photo to put with it. Thank you to those who have bought one already. The children love looking at their family picture and talking about them with their friends. 

Our #1 rule in our preschool is NO ONE GETS HURT. All the children have placed a hand print on a poster with those words placed in the middle of it. We played a stop and go game about behaviours that are or are not acceptable in school. Check out the poster, it is put up on the wall where our circle corner is. 

Our wonderful music teacher Tiffany has started her program which the children will be going to on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
Every class we pick a leader and leaders helper to help with the calendar and general things, EVERYONE WILL GET A TURN.Even if your child says they did not get one😁.

Keep reading you are almost done…
A few reminders.
*Take your child to the bathroom before class.
*Take all their belongings and art at the end of class from their cubbies.
*Put on appropriate footwear, runners or closed toed shoes are best.
*We are nut free
*Provide extra clothing in their backpack (shirt, pants, socks, underwear).
*Let us or the office know if your child will be late or absent. 
*Pick up your child on time. At the end of class children are looking for their people to pick them up and when they do not see you it makes them sad.
Thank you for joining us and we look forward to another exciting school year!
Karen (Monday-Friday all day)
Susan (Monday -Friday all day)
Carol (M,W afternoons & Tuesday/Thursdays all day)
Brita (M,W,F mornings & Tuesday/Thursday afternoons)
Marjan (Tuesday/Thursday mornings)

Sunflower Classroom - Arsi, Danielle, Carol

It’s been a great start to our new preschool year! The children have settled in nicely and are slowly getting used to routines & transitions.

We have begun talking about our rule at school which is NO ONE GETS HURT! This led to a discussion about our friends at preschool and teamwork! We have also touched on the topic of our families and how we all come from  different families and how we are all unique in our own special way! 

We have read some books such as “Swimmy,” “Families,” and “The Grouchy Ladybug.” In the coming weeks we will be talking about Thanksgiving, Fall and Halloween!

Check out our boards in the classroom for amazing art done by your children!

Below is just a quick reminder of all our class information!

There will be cubbies set up outside the Sunflower room for your child

St.Catherine’s preschool is a NUT FREE zone, even if our class may not have allergies we do share the room with other children that may be allergic.

Upon arrival each morning, we do ask parents to please take your child to the bathroom in order for the teachers to be on the floor for morning communication/questions with parents/nannies etc

Since we are a longer day, there will be 2 opportunities for the children to eat - snack & lunch

We do ask that you pack more food than less because we are a busy class and the children do get quite hungry.

Please pack a separate snack from lunch so your child will know which one is for each eating period.

We do ask parents to leave the snack out in their child’s cubby so they will have quick access to it

Please label all containers and also cups/water bottles (we do not drink juice or milk at school)

We do not use the microwave for children’s food however thermoses are fine

Please provide extra clothes in their bags in case of accidents or water spills/paint etc

We do ask all toys to stay at home, unless it’s a comfy toy/blanket, in which case must remain in their cubby because we don’t want them to get lost or ripped

If your child is going to be absent for holidays or is sick, please do let us know either by calling the office or telling us

If you have any questions or concerns, we are always available to talk. If that particular day is busy please feel free to set up another day and we will discuss any concerns you may have

This is a great class with lots of fun learning experiences however, as teachers we also like to suggest to parents as the children get to know each other, to also set up play dates outside of school time. This allows children to make new friends in a quieter setting where they may feel comfortable to be more social.

Music Program - Tiffany

Happy new school year to parents, children and staff. Our creative music class has taken flight and I am very pleased with what I’m noticing. We begin each music class by choosing a button to sit on. Children can pick their favourite colour!

We began our September month by getting to know each other! We shook our sillies out and experimented with shakers, learning how to ‘shake and stop’ and shaking on different parts of the body. The children have been introduced to ‘the musical alphabet’ and are practicing their skills, singing a ‘C’ major scale with the proper, well known, Curwen hand signals. We have also been introduced to a variety of musical instruments on the ‘music wall’, what they look like and how they sound. We love to practice playing such instruments as the cello, flute, trumpet, banjo and drums in our ‘musical instrument freeze’ game.
Moving into October, I have incorporated lots of imaginary play into our lesson plan, as we hop and swim around like frogs and sing like a dinosaur, the children are developing a sense of vocal range and body awareness. Now that we know what different instruments sound like, we can enjoy guessing which one is being played at the beginning of class. We have also become more confident in using different levels of voice such as speaking, whispering, yelling and singing.

Some goals I have for the fall/winter is to introduce the musical term, ‘tempo’, which means to go fast or slow. Additionally I would like to teach two very important musical dynamics, ‘forte’, which means to play loudly and ‘piano’ meaning to play soft or quietly. Please encourage singing and dancing in the home and ask your children what they learned in music class! I am looking forward to travelling with your children on their musical journey and I can’t wait to see what new heights we can reach because...

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be!

Resource Office - Marion

Welcome to all our families this year.  I am very excited  getting to know you and your children.  I hope everyone had a great summer and  our philosophy is “Learning Through Play” and that is what we will be doing for  the next 9 months.  

My role as Developmental Resource Teacher is to observe in the classrooms and am a resource for the teachers.  I am a liaison person in the community for any professionals who may work with your child.  We have an open door policy and invite professionals to observe in the classroom.  You need to book a time with me as there may be others wanting to observe.  

The teachers are skilled to notice any issues with gross or fine motor development and they listen for speech and language development.   

Please speak to your teachers with any questions you may have.  I will be away in Australia for most of October.  My youngest son, Derek and his wife, Gemma live there and are expecting our first grandchild in March.