Monday, 2 November 2020

WELCOME November!!

It's hard to believe that we are zipping through Autumn so fast!! We have two months of preschool under our belt and we are ready for number three! 
We have a lot planned for the next couple of months so stay tuned!!!


We will be having our AGM on Wednesday, November 18th and will be doing it online at 6:30pm. 

As we are a non-profit organization, we must have our AGM every year to keep our status and as members of St. Catherine's Childcare Society, you are expected to attend the meeting. We will be sending out a separate email to detail the procedure for joining the meeting. We will be voting in new members so if you are wanting to be on our Board, please let us know in the office so we can get your name down on the ballot.

Thanks to all who participated in our SAMOSA FUNDRAISER!! We raised $1000. to go towards playground improvements!!


NOV. 1 - Purdy's Chocolate Fundraiser Opens
NOV 11 - Remembrance Day - PRESCHOOL CLOSED
NOV 18 - AGM & Welcome to St. Catherine's Assembly (online 6:30pm)
NOV. 23 - Purdy's Orders Due before 3pm
DEC 2/3 - Purdy's Orders Pick Up (9am-3pm in parking lot)
DEC 18 - Last Day of Classes before Christmas Break
JAN 4 - First Day back to Classes

Check out below what happened in the Classrooms in October!!

RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle, Marjan, Vibha

What an interesting month we have had…it all started when we FINALLY began staying at school for the full 2.5 hours.  The children have been doing great saying goodbye to parents at the front door and coming downstairs by themselves (with a teacher of course).

We have been very busy this month starting with Thanksgiving.  For Art some of us painted Turkeys with feathers, others used their handprints to make a Turkey Print on a paper plate. On the science table we explored our Thanksgiving vegetables: squash, corn, sweet potato and potatoes.  When then went further and cut them in half and used them to make vegetable prints with paint. For circle we read stories about Turkey’s Thanksgiving and listened to the felt rhymes ‘5 Little Turkeys’ and what color Turkey is missing game?

After Thanksgiving, we moved onto a teacher favorite, Fall.  In the water table there was lots of LEAVES…. we then had fun finding little apples & acorns under them.  We also used real leaves to make a Leaf Paper Plate Wreathe and we used leaf sponges to make prints of leaves using fall colors.  For circle we sang “All the Leaves are falling down” and read the story “Going on a Leaf Hunt’ & the felt story ‘Sammy Squirrel’. We listened to the felt rhymes ‘5 Little Owls’ & ‘5 Little Leaves’. We also enjoyed spending time outside as there was a lot of sunshine, usual for this time of the year.

After fall comes another exciting celebration… Halloween! This is always a fun packed few weeks. At art we made paper plate spiders, made a pumpkin collage or used white paint & shaving cream to paint a ghost.  Some of the children used stamps to decorate their own pumpkins while others shook marbles inside a pringles can to decorate bats. For circle we listened to the felt rhymes “5 Little Pumpkins, 5 Little Ghosts, 5 Little bats, Incy Winsy Spider & Spooky Tree, Spooky Tree, what do you see? We read the stories ‘The Spooky Wheels on the Bus & heard a story about a pumpkin. We listened to the felt stories ‘The Chocolate Chip Ghost & Whooooooos’. We also had lots of fun dancing to Halloween music, ‘Ghostbusters’ being the most popular song. In the water table we had pumpkins, eyeballs & skulls…mixed in with water and shaving cream…this was very popular.  In the home corner we had a pumpkin shop, with real pumpkins, shopping carts and cash registers… This year, it was a bit different as we couldn’t have a party but we made it fun by wearing our PJ’s, decorating the classroom and using a tablecloth for snack.  We also had a yummy cupcake to top it off!

In the next few weeks we are going to explore cats & dogs, rain and hibernation…Lots of more fun to come.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office and make a time to talk to us.. 

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Karen, Brita, Rose, Arsi, Carol, Marjan

👋🏽 Hello Treehouse Parents


  What a fun busy time we have had this month. October is one of my favourite months because there is so much happening. We started off talking about everything fall brings, from beautiful colours, falling leaves and pumpkins. At circle we talked about the different kinds, shapes, colours and sizes of leaves. Books we read we’re “I Know it’s Autumn,” “Leaves are Falling,” Five little squirrels felt rhyme, I am a tree song. For art we coloured diffusing paper leaves with watercolour, painted with leaves, leaf stamping, puffy paint leaves and leaf wreathes. 


Gobble, gobble and then it was Thanksgiving. We talked about what we were thankful for at circle and you will be happy to know that family was at the top of the list. We also shared a Harvest Time felt story, “What am I Thankful for?” book, a food matching game, memory game and where’s the Turkey hiding and what is your favourite food discussion, most children said Turkey. We made cornucopias, turkey handprints, pop-up scarecrow and leaf wreathes. 

As you may already know we always sing Johnny Appleseed before we have our snack and we discuss why we sing it. To further explore we watched a classic video about how the legend began. We continued with making our own applesauce and apple juice, apple printing, painted plates to look like apples and laced with wool and made apple blossom trees. For circle we read “The Biggest Apple ever,”and 10 apples on a tree felt rhyme and what bucket is the apple behind game. 

What kinda of music do mummies like?… Wrap music😆

Halloween is upon us and what better way to start off with a silly joke.

You may have noticed your child came home with a lot of Halloween art, they were very happy with all their creations. The classroom was decorated with mummies, paper plate spiders, orange coloured coffee filter pumpkins, glittery bats, cauldrons, handprint q-tip skeletons, puffy paint ghosts, and orange stamped pumpkins. We also made the home corner into a pumpkin patch. For circle we read “Where’s my Mummy?”, White ghost, white ghost what do you see?felt rhyme, what colour house is the ghost spooking in felt game, where is the pumpkin felt game, 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we’re riding on a broom and what colour pumpkin is missing. 

Normally around Halloween we take a walk to the library for a circle time hosted by the librarian. This year we tried something different through Zoom. It was an interactive story time and the children took part as the librarian called them by name. We ended Halloween with a cupcake and an orange Kool-aid drink box. We also watched a movie called Curious George: A Halloween Boo Feast. 

Every year right before Halloween Marion introduces the children to Fireman Dan. This is a video that talks about fire safety and once it is over we set up a prop for the children to crawl under as if they were in a real fire situation. Crawl low under smoke.  

Just a few reminders

  • We will continue to go outside if the weather is nice, please dress your child in appropriate clothes and bring mittens and toque.
  • Please label all food containers.
  • Please sent your child to school with a large enough back pack to carry all their belonging.

 Thanks for reading😊

Arsi, Karen, Marjan and Carol Tues/Thurs

Brita, Rose, Karen and Carol Mon/Wed/Friday 

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Arsi, Danielle, Carol

What a fun packed month we’ve had in October! 

So much to learn and to explore!

We started the month talking about Thanksgiving! We talked about how it’s important to celebrate the time of harvest. We learned that harvest meant farmers working hard to grow fruit and vegetables for us. Moreover, the children were excited to learn how those fruits and vegetables were sent to the grocery stores where we buy them. We also talked about how
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with  family and to be thankful for what we have. For art, we used pictures of yummy Thanksgiving food and glued them onto cornucopia shapes. Furthermore, we talked about turkeys and what they sound and look like. At circle, we read the book “Runaway Turkey” and we sang “Turkey word red feathers.” We also had some laughs watching 5 felt turkeys fly away home. For art, we traced a turkey shape and glued some colourful feathers on his body. The children also decorated a turkey shape with various colours of tissue to represent the different color of their feathers. 

 The following week, we had a blast with Pete the Cat. He’s the grooviest cat in town! 

“Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes,” was the first book we listened to followed by “Rocking in my school shoes.” During circle, we played a fun game of trying to find our friends’ matching shoe. Moreover, we played a felt board guessing game where the children had to guess which color shoe was missing. For art, we used real shoes to make imprints on paper and we sparkled them up too. In the house corner, we had a very busy shoe shop! Another popular book we listened to was “Pete the Cat and his Four groovy buttons.”

We played a fun game of Pin (tape) the button on the jacket, which jacket is missing, and which color button is missing. The had lots of laughs singing, “Hi, my name is Joe and I work in a button factory.” It got silly and funny! For art, we used our hand eye coordination to cut a part of Pete’s jacket and then glued some colourful buttons on. So much fun was had with Pete! 

 The last two weeks of the month we focused on Halloween! Boo! Our house corner turned into a pumpkin patch where the children bought pumpkins in their shopping carts from the checkout! At circle, we read “Rollaway Pumpkin,” and “Splat the Cat: Pumpkin picking plan.” We also listened to 5 little pumpkins felt rhyme, How to make a Jack o lantern
felt rhyme and the felt story “Percy the Pumpkin.” For art, we traced a pumpkin shaped and used glitter glue to collage fun Halloween sequence shapes. Our next book we listened to was “Bat’s Lullaby” and “Five Little Bats.” We also sang the action song called “Sleeping Bats” and when we woke up, we flew around. Moreover, we sang the songs “Way up high in the Bat tree” and “Five bats went out” felt board rhyme. For art, we used marbles to paint our purple and silver flying bats. This was so fun!

“The Witch had an Itch” was a funny book and action song that we had fun doing. For art, the children used various shapes to make their own witch with wavy arms and legs! 

On our last week of October, we talked about ghosts, spiders, and skeletons. We listened to the felt story called “The Chocolate chip ghost,” “Skeleton Hiccups,” and “The Spookiest Halloween Ever.” We danced to the Halloween Hokey Pokey and we shook our bones! The children also enjoyed guessing which color house the ghost was hiding in and waved bye to the 5 little ghosts rhyme. We asked the Golden moon, what do you see? (Felt rhyme) and invited more spiders to come out and play on a web with a fun rhyming song. For art, we used white tissue paper  to decorate a ghost shape, we counted 8 wavy legs to glue our spiders’ legs and we used Q-tips to make our skeleton. On our party day we loved seeing the children in their costumes. We enjoyed a story time via zoom with Kaley from the Capilano library. As a treat, we munched on some yummy cupcakes!! Happy Halloween!

  Marion also showed the children a very important video on fire safety. Fireman Dan talked about stop, drop, and roll. We even practiced doing that and also practiced crawling low under smoke! 

What a busy month!

In the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at sea life animals, Remembrance Day and some classic fairy tales! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your teachers. 


MUSIC ROOM - Tiffany

Fall is in full swing and Winter is just around the corner! The young musicians of St. Catherine’s Preschool had an energizing October, listening to the instruments of the Keyboard family as well as some of the instruments in the String family. We listened to and learned the difference between the acoustic and electric guitar. We also got a chance to use rhythm sticks as ‘bows’ to play our invisible violins.


We are currently reading the book, “M is for Music” and in our book, the letter ‘B’ stood for Beatles! What a great opportunity to introduce little ears to the iconic group, The Fab Four.


During the month we began to learn the notes and names of the musical alphabet. We got to do the ‘C’ scale walk and we sang “Do a deer” from The Sound of Music.


We finished off the month with some spooky, Halloween themed music, such as The Halloween STOMP and an instructional song about Mysterious Things... BOO! Some of the instruments we used this month were, rhythm sticks, egg shakers and hand drums. So cool.


Next month, we will continue to build our knowledge of the musical alphabet, learning the hand signs that go with the names. We will also learn the words ‘forte’ which means, to sing or play loudly. And ‘piano’ which means to sing or play softly. Towards the middle of November we will start to work hard on our Christmas repertoire. Stay tuned for what’s in store this upcoming holiday season with St. Catherine’s music kids! 


Thank you to all our families and teachers for their patience and respect for the guidelines that we have had to put in place to keep everyone safe.


We are in our 3rd month of preschool and what better time to discuss "Toilet Training".  Not all children are ready at the same age.  It is important to watch your child for signs of readiness such as stopping an activity for a few seconds, clutching at his/her diaper or doing a "little dance".


Your child may be ready to start toilet training when he/she can:

* follow simple directions

* understand words about the toileting process 

* verbally express his/her need to go to "pee"

* keep his/her diaper dry for 2 hours or longer

* go to the potty/toilet, sit down and try, then get off and pull up his/her



At preschool the teachers are watching the children for the usual signs.  When a child asks to go to the washroom, the teacher will ask if any one else needs to go, usually there are 1 or 2 other children who will want to go.  Parents can help by informing the teachers that they are working on toileting at home, or if the child wears underwear at home but pull-ups for preschool.   Getting your child out of diapers/pull-ups is the first step.  Let your child pick out their own underwear, they are pretty excited about the many designs.  Be sure to praise your child for all attempts to use the toilet, even if nothing happens and remember accidents will happen.  Tell your child that it was an accident and offer support.  Lots of liquids during the day and nothing after 6 pm depending on your child's bedtime, that was my little trick.  Dress your child in loose fitting clothing, such as jogging pants or leggings when toilet training.  Avoid overalls, children need to practice dressing and undressing with minimum help.  It is a process that cannot be rushed so set aside some time to devote to toilet training.  Establish a bathroom routine, first potty then wash hands.


If you have any questions or concerns about developmental milestones please e-mail:


Our AGM is Wed., Nov. 18th @ 6:30pm

Thursday, 1 October 2020

 Happy October to our Preschool Families!!

Preschool is off to a fabulous start! It is so nice to have little faces and little voices in the classrooms again!

As they say, "We're back in the saddle again" and we are LOVIN' IT!!

Thank You to everyone for following the Covid protocols regarding distancing, masks, hand-washing and of course, staying home when sick. 

NO MORE FORMS! We thank you all for taking the time to fill out the Daily Covid Checklist form each day your child attends. We will no longer be requiring you to fill out this form each day as you all have a signed a Covid Agreement that is kept in your child's files that states you will follow all current protocols. So, when your child arrives at school, we will be asking you if your child has any symptoms, has been exposed to Covid or exposed to those who have been out of the country and as long as your answers are no to all, your child can attend class.

Important Note: Preschools and Daycares do not follow the guidelines outlined in the Ministry of Health and CDC for K-12. We are licensed under the umbrella of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act for Daycares/Preschools/Care Homes etc. We follow a much more strict set of rules than the K-12 schools do. 

We have just received from Vancouver Coastal Health, an updated list of symptoms of Covid-19 that daycares & preschools must follow.

So the current set of symptoms are:



All Forms and Post dated cheques should be handed in to the office by now. 




There is not much commitment involved: approximately 1 hour per month and approximately 5 or 6 times within this school year. Board member duties include being involved in any voting for price increases, assisting with parent education nights or social nights and being the voice for all parents in the school.

We are looking for the following positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Member at Large. Please contact Tina or Marion in the office if you are interested or have any questions.

How Can I Help the Preschool? We are a non-profit society and we rely heavily on fundraising to keep our preschool stocked with fabulous learning materials. This year will be very challenging to keep up with previous years' fundraising monies as we will be missing out some of our most popular and successful events such as the Pizza Night / Cake Walk we usually have in November. So, please have a look at all our Fundraisers and hopefully you will be able to support the preschool and get some wonderful products for you and your family!

PURDY'S CHOCOLATE - Coming Nov. 1st! Just in time for Christmas, you will be able to enjoy this delicious chocolate and PLEASE pass the link off to your friends and family. The preschool will get 25% of all sales and we will try to beat our last years' total of  Prizes for the family that 

SCHOLASTICS - Visit to look up and order books through their Reading Club:

Using Reading Club is easy! Simply place an order on the Reading Club Shop and use the Class Code (RC168576) in the coupon field during checkout . Every order you place will earn your child's classroom free books and resources and you will receive free shipping on orders of $35 or more. All orders ship directly to your home!

LOVABLE LABELS - Everything your child brings to school should be labelled: clothes, bags, lunch kits, water bottles etc. Lovable labels have amazing labels of all kinds! Iron ons, stickers, metal tags! 20% of every order will support our preschool!

Visit and place your orders! 



Why yes! There is! Check us out on FACEBOOK and give us a LIKE!
Look for us online at!
RATE US on Google, Yellow Pages or any other search engine so we can gain some visibility in the online world! 

What happened in the Classrooms in September?? Check out below!!

RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle/Marjan/Vibha

A big welcome to our returning new families!  Thank you parents for all your support and patience during gradual entry.  It’s being a great success!

Our youngest members of St. Catherine’s Preschool are beginning to settle in nicely to the program.  Most are happy to stretch their boundaries. A few still need a little more time to feel secure with mom and Dad leaving.  Such is the nature of our two year olds.  Often this is their first experience away from family. 

Two year olds love to explore their surroundings, but need to stay close to their primary base of support and trust.

Separation anxiety is quite strong at this stage, but often it is only the “ good-bye” that is difficult.

We setup the rooms in a way that facilitates exploration and discovery through play.  A great deal of time is spent exploring, pulling, filling, dumping and touching. Two year olds love painting, splashing in the water table, housekeeping, singing and dancing at circle time, although play tends to be more solitary.  Over the next few weeks we will be talking about Families, Friends, Thanksgiving and Fall.

We are still waiting for a few more family photos.  Children love to look at these photos especially if they are missing you

Here’s the song we sing before having snack.

    God is great

    God is good

    And we thank him for our food

    We’re going to thank him in the morning, noon and night 

    We’re going to thank him coz he’s out of sight Amen

We look forward to an exciting year- a year of tremendous growth in confidence and abilities.  We hope that this first group experience will be an enjoyable and memorable one both for you and your child.  

Please let us know if your child is going to be absent from class and if they are sick, what the symptoms are. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Arsi/Brita/Carol/Karen/Marjan/Rose

Welcome families to an exciting new school year! We hope in the coming months to inform you all on our class experiences through our blogs. 

This is year is going to be a year like no other, but we are looking forward to making it fun and exciting for our classroom. 

We are now almost at the end of September and it’s great to see how the children have slowly settled in. Just like the teachers are learning the new routines, as are the children. We are all making sure hands are being washed and we are all playing with mini groups in our play areas within our room. It’s great to see the children enjoying their play time. Trust us when we tell you, the tears do disappear once we enter the class and see all there is to do! 

During our time, we also have the  opportunity for a circle time where we have been talking about “All About Me.”  We’ve talked about what we like, our families, and what our names sound and look like. We’ve read books such as “In a People’s House,” “I like,” “Mmm cookies,” and “I like me.” We’ve also played name games to learn our friends’ and teachers’ name. 

It’s great to see how we’re all different but we’re all the same! 

For art, we’ve made our own faces, decorated a house shape, traced our hands, talked about what our favourite things are, and tried our best to find the letters of our names. 

We have also had the opportunity to meet Tiffany, our music teacher. Tiffany is focusing on the keyboard family and teaching the kids the different sounds they make and how they look! She’s so much fun!

In the next few weeks, we will be talking about fall and Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

Just a few reminders:

Please say your goodbye promptly when your child is being dropped off so the teachers can take them down to start their day

If your child is going to be away or is sick, please call the office and let them know the reason for the absence and if they are sick, what their symptoms are.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or make an appointment with the office and we’d be happy to speak with you.


SUNFLOWER ROOM - Arsi/Danielle/Carol

Welcome back! We are very excited to see some new & old faces in our Sunflower Classroom.

It was a different gradual entry this year from our previous years, as we have implemented some new practices in keeping with our new Covid 19 protocols.  It went smoothly though and the children are settling in.  It is great to see the children making new friends, enjoying art and circle time.

We are looking forward to the next 10 months of learning, playing and discovering new things.

For the first few weeks we were learning about Ourselves and our Families. For the last week of September, we are exploring Autumn – the leaves, the colors and the weather.

In October we will be talking about Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Please remember to pack more food than less (one container for snack & one for lunch) as we are here for 4 hours a day, so the children get hungry.  We will also be going outside to play so pack appropriate footwear & jackets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office so we can arrange a meeting after school hours. 

MUSIC - Tiffany

Welcome, everyone! I am so pleased to be back in the music room with St. Catherine’s aspiring young musicians. I have seen familiar faces and many new ones, too! Music class is a great time to meet new friends and to develop a deeper connection, through song and dance.

This September, I have laid out a few expectations for music class. Mostly, class will stay the same with the added expectation that children will not be sharing, passing or trading instruments. Children come in small groups and when doing activities involving dancing, I encourage the class to make sure they have lots of space around them to move freely. I keep sanitation materials in the classroom and use them when necessary and in between classes.

For September, the children have been introduced to the basics of music class. We begin each class with a ‘Hello’ song and finish with a ‘Goodbye’ song. We engage in a physical warm-up and ‘Shake [our] Sillies Out’. We are also learning about all the different instruments on the music wall, starting with the Keyboard Family. Parents are encouraged to play piano, organ and harpsichord music for their children and ask them to identify the instrument and how it makes them feel.

In October, we will be learning about the Musical Alphabet, which is a ‘C’ Major scale. We will celebrate Autumn by colouring to Antonio Vivaldi’s, ‘Four Seasons: Fall’. 


Welcome families.  

It has been a real pleasure meeting everyone during gradual entry.  We are all adjusting to the changes that we have had to make in order to reopen safely.  Thank you for your commitment to making St. Catherine’s the very best it can be.  

I am starting my 24th year on staff and I have seen a lot of changes, but not like the ones we are experiencing this year.  As the Developmental Resource Teacher I am responsible for guiding the programming and being a resource for the teachers.  I work closely with North Supported Child Development Program to provide support to children who may need extra support.  Over the years we have built a reputation in the community as being a very inclusive, nurturing play based centre.  When we have a child who requires extra support we will hire a Program Assistant who will be an additional staff person in the classroom and who will be responsible for following through with goals and strategies that have been developed for that child.  All activities for the children are age appropriate and our philosophy of “Learning Through Play” is the basis of all our programs.  

This year I have been helping with gradual entry and it has been a pleasure getting to know the children.  I am considered a .5 person in any classroom so I am able to help out where needed.  I will spend time in a classroom if a teacher wants some guidance about speech and language, gross and fine motor activities and social skills.  I am involved in the Kindergarten Readiness skills program in the new year as our fours prepare for their next adventure.

Something about me.  I have been married for 38 years to my husband, Jim.  We have 3 wonderful grown boys.  Two live in Winnipeg and one in Australia with his wife, Gemma and our first grandbaby, Freddy.  We are empty nesters, sold the family home on 29th 5 years ago and moved into a townhome in C-Low.  Jim and I and our fur baby Rupert, enjoy camping and doing archery together.  I received my Early Childhood Certification in 1981 followed by my Infant Toddler Certification and then my Special Needs Certification. 

As well as being the Resource Teacher I am also part of the Admin team with Tina.   I love my job and am looking forward to guiding you children as they experience life through play.

Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns and we can book an appointment.  


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

April 2020

Usually March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb...but I feel we may be in for a SAFARI during the month of APRIL!!

Well, here we are on April 1st and no joke, these have to be some of the strangest times that many of us have ever been in before!

Hopefully our building will open for May but unfortunately, it is out of our hands and we must wait to hear how this pandemic will play out for us in North Vancouver. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear anything.

All preschool spaces will be held until the end of the year for those currently enrolled.

Refunds will be issued for those who have already paid for April, and other months, once we find out if we will be continuing in May or not.

Take this time to spend quality time with your families. We may never get this opportunity again and let me tell you, they grow up fast and one day...they do move out! 

Get plenty of sunshine (as the Covid virus does not like it!) and fresh air and STAY HEALTHY!!

If we all do our part, keep social distancing and washing our hands, we will get through this.

The Preschool Office is open for responding to emails and phone messages if you have any questions or concerns.

March was a great, but a short month for us at preschool. But we did do some great stuff in our classrooms. Please check it out below!!

AND WHILE YOU ARE AT HOME: You can KEEP SUPPORTING THE PRESCHOOL and help to keep your child's boredom at bay!! 
PLEASE think about ordering from SCHOLASTIC BOOKS! All orders are shipped to your home!

NOTE: SUMMER PROGRAM REGISTRATION HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE. Hopefully we will be able to run the program in July!! We will  keep you informed.


APR 8/9 - Easter Services - *CANCELLED*
APR 13 - Easter Monday - PRESCHOOL CLOSED
APR 27 - MAY 1 - Jeans Week to support Children's Hospital *POSTPONED*
MAY 4 - Possible Preschool Start Date - Look for Confirmation Email in late April
MAY 6/7 - Music Open House (3s & 4s) *POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE*
MAY 18 - Victoria Day - PRESCHOOL CLOSED
JUNE 15-19 - Extra week of classes added in lieu of extra week taken at Spring Break
JUNE 19 - 4's Graduation
JUNE 19 - Last Day of Preschool
JUNE 22/23 - Picnics

DISCOVERY TWOS - Vibha, Arsi, Danielle, Marjan, Rose

March was a short month for us but before we left for Spring Break, we did a lot of stuff!

At the sandbox, we had beautiful yellow flowers and rocks, which the children enjoyed playing with together. 

At the water table, we had a few small frog toys and one big beautiful frog in the middle and the children were having fun with them as well. 

At the science table, there were some nests and birds and a few logs, and the children enjoyed working with them. 

At the art table, children made birds with beautiful colourful feathers. They also made amazing flowers with their hand prints and you would be thrilled to see how the beautiful flowers were made with their little hands!
Other days, the children made caterpillar collage art and leaves with marble painting for the caterpillars to sit on. They were beautifully done!

They also painted their own rocks, and used pine cones and little brushes and leaves for painting another day. 

For circle time, we had Five Little Birds felt story, Blue Bird Blue Bird What Do You See? felt story, Five Little Peonies Flower felt story, the Rain Story book, Five Little Tulips felt story and rhyme, Little Birds rhyme and action song, Mouse's First Spring book, Dancing with Sunflowers, I am a Little Sunflower, My Sunflower action rhymes, and the 10 Little Speckled Frogs book.

We had a great and focused two weeks in March. We look forward to more preschool in the future. Stay healthy and we hope to be back at preschool soon.

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Karen, Susan, Brita, Marjan, Carol

I hope you all had a good Spring Break and a great relaxing time with your family before this pandemic has made us all so anxious!

Welcome to the world of Dr.Seuss. We were talking about Dr.Seuss for two weeks. In the house corner, we had cages and lots of stuffies which the children really enjoyed playing  with.  

At the water table, the children were playing with alphabet crabs, referring to the Dr.Seuss alphabet book that was read for children on a previous day at the circle time.  

At the circle time, we read many other Dr. Seuss books, including the Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish, and Red Fish Blue Fish books. We sang "I'm a little fish song" and the "Green Egg Green Egg What Do You See" felt story. 

Another book was "Cat in the Hat", "Hands Hands Finger Thumb", "What you can do in a people house", "The Foot Book", and "Hop on Pop". We had games about finding the Lorax behind the Truffala  tree, and what colour Truffala tree is missing. Also "What hat is the cat in the hat behind" game with Dr. Seuss characters. During the circle time, we also had learning fun facts about Dr.Seuss, like his full name, the number of children's book that he wrote and illustrated, his funny hat collection, how he visited his dad when he worked at a zoo, and how he came home and doodled afterwards. 

We also read "What pet should I get?" book. We listed the pets that each child would like. We also read "How the Grinch stole Christmas" book, and discussed the message of the book, which is the true meaning of Christmas. Dr. Seuss ABC was another book; we sang the alphabet while rowing our boats, we wrote a list of words that started with the letters of the alphabets. We also practiced our Easter songs.
For art, we had "Cat in the Hat" collage and also Truffala trees on water colour. Children also made a red fish, blue fish with the hand prints of both their hands. They also made green eggs by stamp painting. Children were sponge painting, decorating pet shapes, onion stamping the grinch face and decorating it, and painting the letters of the alphabet and corresponding shapes.

We also watched video about Dr.Seuss called  The Lorax, Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham

And last but not least, we went for a neighborhood walk, and the children enjoyed their yummy hot chocolate from Delany's. 

We hope to see you all in the preschool soon!

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Arsi, Danielle, Carol

To our 401 parents, we’d like to start by saying we hope your family and friends are healthy and safe. We miss our children very much and we hope they are all doing well.

Our month of March began with looking into Spring! We began by talking about planting seeds and flowers. During circle, the children helped Danielle plant a seed, using soil and a shovel. This opened up the conversation about seeds, pollination, and ways flowers can start to grow. 

We read the book “Seeds to plant” which showed us the parts of the flower as it’s planted. We learned about roots, stems, leaves and the flower. We also looked at items needed for gardening such as gloves, shovels, rakes and pots to name a few. 

The children were excited to learn that even the wind and birds can help Mother Nature by planting seeds! Furthermore, we learned about how  bees pollinate flowers. Bees are so important to us! We also looked at the books, “Flowers,” “Grow Flower Grow,” and “This is the Sunflower.” We pretended to be sunflowers and danced to “I’m a little Sunflower.” We had fun with the felt rhymes called “5 little Flowers” and “My little sunflower.” For art, we sequenced from 1-3 the steps of planting a seed, we drew a flower using dot to dot numbers, we made our own flowers in a pot using different shapes, and we used sunflower seeds to make our own sunflower!

On our second week, we read the book “Mouse’s First Spring,” “When will it be Spring?”, “It looked like spilt milk,” and “Outside inside.” These books talked about the change in weather and how outside looks a bit different. The children mentioned such things as we hear birds, trees start budding with leaves, grass starts to grow, we wear boots and rain coats, and the temperature becomes a bit warmer. We played a felt board guessing game called “which colour flower is missing?” and sang a song called “Spring time.” 

The children loved and giggled through the story of “It looked like spilt milk,” and enjoyed watching the felt pieces of each cloud as it was put on the board. We then talked about why we need rain in spring and what shape clouds they’ve seen when they look up into the sky! There were some amazing shapes!  We also played a felt board game where the moon hid behind various coloured clouds! The children were super excited when the moon was found each time. That silly Herman the worm also made an appearance at circle as we sang his song! He got bigger and bigger as he ate a grape, an apple, a banana, and a watermelon!! Ask the teacher what happened to him at the end??  It’s quite funny!

We also did a funny action song called “Wiggly Worm,” a felt board rhyme called “6 little worms,” and a fun rhyme named “Where can they be?” For art, the children used nature as their brush to paint a nature art. It was neat to see how the children really enjoyed using nature to create amazing pieces of art! Moreover, we used our fine motor skills to practice cutting out a worm. This worm loved mud and so the children used wide brushes to paint “mud” for their worm to sit on!

What a fun month March was so far!!! We learned many things about spring and nature!

We wish you all a healthy and happy spring break and hope to see you soon once it’s safe!

MUSIC PROGRAM - Tifany Oakes

Dear families,

Thank you for always showing up to music class with joy and excitement. As we all know, March was a short month for the preschool and we aren’t sure when things will be up and running again.

In March, we talked a lot about our upcoming Easter Service and how excited we are to perform for our loved ones. We practiced our words, singing and we had prepared a dance, as well. At this time, the children may be feeling confused as to why we are no longer practicing. Maybe the children are wondering if and when we will finally get to perform what we had been working on; What we had been talking about so much over the last couple of weeks, spent together. I am so proud of their hard work and focus.

Please let your children know how amazingly musical they are. Ask them to sing and dance, for you, what they remember. Give them the opportunity to perform for you, if they wish.

For the rest of March we were going to continue on with Easter rehearsals, focusing on singing loud and proud as well as memory games to help with learning lyrics. I would have rewarded their hard work with sparkly Easter stickers and a game of freeze dance or musical chairs. Can you play musical chairs with them? They LOVE it.
I hope for the chance to be musical with the children in the near future. I miss them dearly. Until that time, stay safe and healthy. Above all, stay musical!