Wednesday, 7 March 2018


We are MARCH-ing into the next month so GET READY FOR SOME FUN!!

We are moving through this school year like nobody's business! We have plenty of things planned in the weeks to come so make sure you are checking your child's bulletin boards and the main bulletin board for daily messages!


FRI. MAR. 16 - 4's Skating Party. 1:30-2:30 pm @ Harry Gerome. 
MAR. 19-23 - Spring Break - PRESCHOOL CLOSED
MON. MAR. 26 - Scholastic Book Orders Due
MON. APR. 2 - Easter Monday - PRESCHOOL CLOSED
TUE. APR. 10 - Easter Services - 302/402
WED. APR. 11 - Easter Services - 301/401/403

ALL DAY PRESCHOOL is happening for next year!! Let us know if you would like to find out more! Tuesday/Thursday all day program gets PEL program for FREE!!

EXTENDED HOURS! Add the PEL program to the end of your morning program or to the beginning of your afternoon program to get an extra 45 minutes added to your child's preschool program!


DISCOVERY TWOS - Arsi, Brita, Marion, Vibha

February was a snowy but fun month. The children in the two's program enjoy partaking in the theme of friendship and love.
Our highlight of the month was our adorable Valentine's Day party. The children always enjoy eating party food and celebrating in our classroom. The classroom was decorated with hearts and the colours pink and red.

To encourage friendship and love, the children created a friendship hand collage which is displayed in our classroom. This activity promoted teamwork, social interactions and creativity.

Other art activities we engaged in was our "Love You to Pieces" project and tissue paper art. 

We also brought our theme into Circle Time with the twos. We taught the students how to say "I Love You" in sign language, we read "Kiss, Kiss" and we listened to a tape story called "Special Friends".

Toward the end of February we celebrated Chinese New Year. We took this day to show the children traditional Chinese pictures, sang songs and painted with chop sticks.

The twos teachers want to thank the parents that contributed to our Valentine's Day party. It is always very much appreciated!

CLASS 301-Estelle and Susan

For the month of February our themes were Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Friendship and Feelings.

The children enjoyed decorating their Valentine’s bags, drawing and collaging on paper dolls and decorating heart shapes. We also talked about whom we love such as family and friends.

For Chinese New Year we talked about what we do to prepare for Chinese New Year such as cleaning and decorating and that this year is The Year of the Dog. The children made paper bag dragons, then had a parade in the class and were pleased to receive their red envelopes.
Next we talked about feelings like happiness and sadness and how to express them. We moved on to reminders about using our words to ask for a turn or when we don’t like something. Sometimes the children talk about best friends and then other children feel excluded. We talked about how we are all friends at preschool even though we sometimes like to play with different people and that all children are welcome in all areas (block corner, home corner etc.) unless there is a space issue and then we take turns.
For the Card Project the children painted with small paintbrushes and tissue paper. We hope you will be pleased with the cards when they come out. The children took extra time for their paintings and took inspiration from an art book of Renoir.

Next up...we are starting to practice for the Easter Services!

And don't forget to say hi to our practicum student Patty from Capilano University

CLASS 302 - Karen, Carol and Brita

Hello Parent’s of 302! So glad you checked out our Blog!

Every time I write I can’t believe that another month has gone by! Goes well with the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”!

February was a busy month with lots of different activities. We focused on Friends and Feelings which took us to group art projects, stories and felt rhymes about what it means to be a friend. Music to my ears when we hear “Let’s take turns”, “Can I have a turn after you?”, or “We can do it together”.

We have noticed that there is a lot more parallel and group play since we came back in January. Lots of talking and awareness happening in the classroom.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a party and by making Valentine’s bags. Thank you to the parents who contributed snacks.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year by making red paper lanterns and the children received red envelopes with chocolate coins. Thank you to Serena’s family for bringing in a Year of the Dog stuffed toy and a Chinese Zodiac calendar.

For our Card Project we tried two different ideas. The first was drawing with pastels and then painting over it with watercolour. The second was painting with yarn using bright colours. When we were finished we asked the children to decide which one was their favorite. The sample cards should be ready the week of April 9th and the order deadline April 18th. Orders should be ready by May 4th.

We have been playing in the gym due to the snow and cold temperatures, but it has been a great time to focus on gross motor skills. Our gym provides a big space with a climber, bikes, balls, balancing apparatus and many other toys to promote all kinds of movement.

We also introduced the Turtle game for earthquake awareness. We will continue this game until the end of the year.

Now on to Spring and Easter.....!

CLASS 401 - Karen and Rosie

What a wonderful month February has been! 401 has been very busy celebrating Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, completing their Card Project art work, working on their Journals and learning more about the world of Numbers!

Together for Valentine’s Day, the children created splatter paint art and made their very own special Valentines bags for each child to give one another a Valentines treat in. It was lovely to see the children dress up for our Valentine's Day Party and as they entered for snack with partners they were given a menu and asked to sit down. Celebrating Valentines was a great way to emphasize the things we talk about daily, like kindness and being a good friend! Kindness is a practice that is focused on in 401, and the notion that when we are kind to one another, it makes others feel good, and it makes us feel good too!
As a class, we also celebrated and discussed Chinese New Year, made red and gold lanterns, and learned about special traditions and rituals that happen during the festivities.

 For the Card Project this year the children worked incredibly hard on their three step piece of art. There was an emphasis on fine motor skills, as the children used Pipettes to add colour to their diffusing paper, and then later on to cut the unique pieces that would make up the final product. It was a delight to see the children so excited with something they worked so hard on!

 This month we also started discussing more about numbers. With an emphasis on counting, and that “numbers are everywhere”, we sang lots of different "number songs" that can assist the children to count at other times in the future.

Exciting news! We have started something new in 401 called “Friday Shake Up!”, where in the last few minutes of free play, the children will be given a shape and a play station to go to with a group of their friends. This exercise is to promote play with all children and open up a conversation about inclusion. It will also be a nice way to introducing some children who will be going to kindergarten together in the fall.

During snack time we are encouraging independence by letting the children pour their own cups of water. So please remember to send a cup with your child each day.

We also practiced our "Turtle Game" this month, as an Earthquake Drill. The children all practiced quickly becoming a Turtle, crouched down with their hands over their heads as a safety precaution in case of an Earthquake.

We look forward to another great month, filled with learning, laughter, and kindness with 401.

CLASS 402 - Arsi, Permjit and Rosie

Love is in the air and so was a lot of snow!! February was a fun month filled with discussions and activities about friendship, caring, sharing, Chinese New Year, and kindergarten!

We started off by reading a few great books such as  “One Love”, “Plant a Kiss”, “Love, Splat”,  and “The Night Before Valentine’s Day” just to name a few.

We then did a collage of hand prints with a friend and we also made a friendship tree by using our hand prints as well. We talked about how we can be good friends and the boys gave ideas such as: sharing, playing together, hugging, giving high fives, and listening. We made a heart shaped person by gluing together springy arms, legs, and feet! The boys really enjoyed making bracelets using pipe cleaners and beads! Our Valentine's Day party was really fun and the boys looked great in their red and whites. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to bring goodies for our party and thank you parents for taking time to hand out the Valentine’s cards to your child’s classmates!
 Right after Valentine’s Day, we jumped into Chinese New Year. We learned that it is the Year of the Dog and we learned some traditions such as cleaning the house, buying new clothes, and cooking a great meal which is part of getting ready! The boys also practiced saying “Gung Hay Fat Choi” which means happy new year in Chinese! For art, we practiced cutting on straight lines to make our lanterns. We also tried writing the Chinese symbol for friendship by using black paint and a fine tip brush. It was neat to see how different the symbols were from our alphabet.
We have now started talking about Kindergarten! We looked at some books and realized there are many similarities and differences between preschool and kindergarten. For example, we learned that in kindergarten the bell rings at the beginning and end of the day whereas in preschool, we sing a morning and a goodbye song! The boys were excited to see that kindergarten still had many fun activities just like preschool. 

In our last week of February, we read a crowd favourite, “Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom.” This is a perfect book to get us into our alphabet! The boys made their own coconut trees with their names climbing up the tree! How fun!

In the coming weeks, we will continue learning our alphabet and also recognizing and practicing the letters of their names. We encourage parents to practice their child’s name at home as well. At this time of the year, the boys should also be more independent with putting on their own clothes, shoes, jackets (zipping up/down), and opening/closing containers for snack or lunch. These self help skills are what they will need entering kindergarten and practicing now will make it easier.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see your teachers. 

CLASS 304/403 - Estelle, Karen, Rosie and Susan

This February, in our classroom we talked about and explored Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and the concepts of friendship and feelings. The children did everything from making heart people, to dragons, to decorating  rainbow fish for our friendship art.

The children are continuing with their Journals and are getting to be quite creative in their drawings and descriptions. We are also continuing with our Kindergarten Readiness such as recognizing different shapes, cutting and gross motor skills such as hopping, skipping and using a ball. At circle time we are working on sitting still, waiting for our turn to talk by putting up our hands and listening to others or the teacher when it is their turn to talk.

Please remember to send a cup instead of a water bottle so your child can practice using the water jug to pour their own water.

Welcome to our new student Louie!

We also worked hard on our Card Project paintings so be sure to check those cards out when they arrive! 

The children are enjoying taking home Echo the Orca and having a turn with Show and Share. We are about halfway through the list of children to have a turn with each activity.

We are learning our songs and dances for the Easter Services!

Hopefully Spring weather is just around the corner so we can play outside more.

MUSIC - Rachel

Throughout February we learned some new music terms: crescendo and decrescendo! We sang songs and played instruments to learn that crescendo means to get slowly louder, and decrescendo means to get slowly quieter. 

Some other February activities included  reading a book about the Alphabet and using instruments to help tell our story and on Valentine’s Day we sang songs about hearts and love, and played a special freeze dance game. 

And now we are beginning to practice for the Easter Services in April! Stay tuned...!


I have enjoyed working in the Discover 2s program. Danielle should be back on her feet after Spring Break. 

Each child’s individual personality is emerging and they are working on their social skills.   They are moving out of Solitary and Parallel play and into Associative play.  During Solitary play children will often play alone and may be uninterested or unaware of what others around them are doing.  Parallel play occurs when children play side-by-side from one another, but there is a lack of group involvement among them.  This stage is usually seen in toddlers between the ages of 2 ½ and 3 ½ .  

The next stage is Associative play and typically begins around 3 or 4.  At this stage, children begin to play together, but not focused towards a common goal.  It is slightly different than Parallel play as children may continue to play separately from one another, but they start to become more involved in what others around them are doing. This is an important stage of play because it develops necessary skills such as cooperation, problem solving and language development. 

The last stage is Cooperative play.  It is where play finally becomes organized into groups and teamwork is seen.  Children are now interested in both the people that they are playing with as well as the activity at hand.  Cooperative play is the culmination or bringing together of all the skills learned across previous stages into action, giving the child the necessary skills for social and group interactions.  Wow, your children have been busy this year.

It is a big change to be leaving the preschool years behind, but the teachers are busy preparing the 4s for next year.  The children have started their journals and are practicing printing their names.  They are counting, sorting and sequencing throughout their day.  Small groups of children will work together on a large floor puzzle or will build a sky scraper with blocks. They are also given more responsibilities for dressing themselves and cleaning up after snack and play time.

Play dates are very important, especially for the 4s, as they head off to Kindergarten.  Soon, the teachers will post a list of the children and which schools they will be attending in September.  It is always easier to go into a new environment with someone you know, so plan some play dates.  As the weather improves, play dates in a park can be easy and lots of fun.  Play enhances feelings of acceptance of differences, increases empathy, compassion and sharing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's development, please do not hesitate to come in to speak to me.

If you are reading this sentence, please make a comment below and your child will win a prize! Don't forget to tell us what class your child is in!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

It's a brand new month and a brand new year 

and we are up to the SAME OLD FUN! 😁

It is hard to believe that we have already made it through January! We got through the holidays and now we are right back into the swing of things!! We have many things planned for the rest of the school year so don't forget to keep your eyes on the school calendar and the bulletin boards for special events coming up! 

Important Dates Coming Up:

JAN. 31- Priority Registration for Current Families CLOSES
FEB. 1 - Registration for Community Families (6pm-7pm-Rainbow Room)
FEB. 13- Church Pancake Supper
FEB. 13/14- Children's Valentine's Day Parties
MAR. 16 - 4's Skating Party
MAR. 19-23 - Spring Break PRESCHOOL CLOSED
APR. 10/11 - Easter Services & Tea (3s & 4s)

HEY! Don't forget about our Fundraisers!! 

SCHOLASTIC BOOKS - Thank you for ordering books and other learning materials through Scholastic Canada because we get FREE BOOKS and other learning resources when you do!! A great and inexpensive way to pick up children's birthday/Christmas gifts! 

COBS BREADS - When you are purchasing treats from Cobs in Edgemont Village, don't forget to mention you support St. Catherine's Preschool when they ring you up! We will get 5% of your sales donated to our school!! Last year we made $85!! That's a lot of dough!!

LOVABLE LABELS - Parents need labels for lunch kits, containers, jackets, shoes, boots and almost everything else our children own! Order from Lovable Labels and St. Catherine's Preschool gets 20% of the profits!! They have stickers, iron-on labels and more durable metal ones. We have some examples in the office.  Have a look at their website and don't forget to use our special ordering link:

SEPTEMBER 2018 REGISTRATION - We are taking registrations now for next September. Make sure you have your sheet in to the preschool office before Feb. 1st so you will get priority placement. We are excited to offer ALL DAY PRESCHOOL CLASSES for threes and fours. Please tell your friends about our preschool. Also, if you can, take some of our postcards to post around your communities to help us advertise! Thanks in advance!


DISCOVERY TWOS - Arsi, Brita, Marion, Susan, Vibha (& Danielle!)

We can’t believe it is February already. 

In January, we were busy learning about Winter.  We discovered Penguins and Polar bears live where it is very cold.  We learned what clothes we would need to dress ourselves in for the cold weather.  Some winter art activities that the children enjoyed were:  decorating hats and mittens, Popsicle stick snowflakes, ice-cube painting, winter collage and making snowmen.
At circle time we talked about winter animals, Five Little Snowmen felt rhyme, snowflake body movement,  mitten colour recognition and a hot chocolate game.  Some of the children's favourite books were Snowflake Baby and Under My Hood I Have a Hat.

A big welcome to our four new friends Beckett, Holly, Stefan and Zachary in 201 class.

As always, please feel free to come and talk to us if you have any concerns.

CLASS 301-Estelle & Susan

Hi Everyone!
A new year has begun and we are so excited for what’s ahead! The last month has been filled with winter activities of every kind. At the art table we have focused our crafts on using white paint to create snow, glitter to symbolize ice and even shaving cream to give a real snow effect. At circle, many felt stories and action songs were played out. A few being “Snowflakes, Snowflakes Falling Down”, the classic winter story “The Mitten” and a Robert Munch favourite, “Tomas’s Snowsuit”. 

Towards the end of January we introduced shapes and colours. We are focusing on mixing colours and recognizing each colour shades. This exploration will continue into February. We look forward to the month of “love”!

CLASS 302-Karen, Brita, Aleysha (& Sousan!)

Welcome back children and parents of 302.

We hope you all had a restful Winter break. We have been back at school now for 4 weeks and the children transitioned nicely back into their preschool setting.

December has come and gone but we wanted to reflect on some of the things we did. We started practicing in November for our annual Christmas Service. Our amazing music teacher Rachel puts together a wonderful compilation of songs for the children to share with their families at this magical time of year. The children also worked on their Christmas gifts and cards that they took home before the winter break; this is something they can treasure for years to come. Thank you to the parent’s for their contributions to our Christmas party. This is such a nice time for the children to share the same food, try something new and explore the social aspects of a meal.

For the month of January we used different materials for our art to make all things winter. We started off by decorating winter mittens, painting a picture with coloured ice, using coloured glue and Epsom salts to make a winter scene, using pipette’s with water colour on diffusing paper shaped like snowflakes. Last but not least we made melted snowmen. We hope you noticed all the great art on our boards.

We have also been talking about colours and shapes. How colours changed when mixed together turn into another colour using paint, water colour and shaving cream. We have been playing shape matching games and reading stories at circle.

In February we will be talking about what it means to be a friend and Valentines Day.

We will also be starting our card project….

February 8th will be Aleysha’s last day with us at St. Catherine's and we wish her the best of luck in her new adventures and thank her for her support with our program.

Some of you may have noticed that Sousan has not been present since the beginning of the new year. At this time she is home managing some health issues but we hope to have her back soon. We wish her a speedy recovery.

CLASS 401-Karen & Rosie

Wow, it’s already February! Rosie and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break. The children were all very excited to start school again as I am sure the parents felt the same way😊.

Christmas seems so long ago but that is where we will start. December was filled with all things Christmas. We started off with our rehearsing for the Christmas service. The end result was seeing the children being confident and happy to share the experience with their families. Each year we go to Edgemont Village to sing Christmas carols to a few of our favourite local merchants. A big thank you to Trims for giving each of the children a sleigh ornament for their tree to share with their family.

On to January…We have introduced our Orca whale Echo. If you have not heard about him yet, he goes home every Friday and the children (with some help from parents) draw pictures to tell us what they did with Echo over the weekend. The children love hearing all his new adventures on Monday morning.

Every Wednesday we will be working on journals. This dedicated time gives the children focus to draw or write a detailed story. Also we have our Show and Share on Wednesdays. All the children are very excited to present their item in front of their friends.

We encourage you to pack a cup with your child’s snack as we are now providing a jug of water and the children can pour their own.

Throughout the year we are going to be encouraging the children to use self regulation and to take other peoples feelings into account. It’s important for them to realize that not everyone enjoys participating in every game and activity and that’s ok. Sometimes getting excited about a game is only great, if everyone has a choice and it’s ok for them to say no to something they don’t enjoy. As adults we don’t always want to participate in certain activities and just enjoy being in the moment, its the same for our children.

Kindergarten readiness is something we will be working on until the end of the year. We will be happy to show you what this entails.

February brings Valentines Day, talking about friendship and what it means to be kind.

CLASS 402-Arsi, Rosie, Permjit (& Danielle!!)

January was an out of this world month for our boys! We quickly jumped into the swing
of things after our Christmas break! We dove right into Space and it was very fun and
We first looked at how our solar system was in the Milky Way and began to learn
the name of our planets. We learned that we live on Earth and that the sun’s gravity
keeps all the planets orbiting around it. We learned that the sun is a star and that the
moon has many craters on its surface. The boys made a paper mache Earth by using
newspaper and glue to cover a balloon. Once dry, we painted the Earth in blue and
green. We also made a collage of the planets in order from the Sun. It was fun watching
“Rachel and the Treeschoolers” dvd because she showed us all about the solar system,
gravity, and the phases of the moon.
After learning about the solar system, we needed to know how people get to
space. Our next topic was spaceships! Spaceships are very big and need a big team of
people to make sure everything is working. We learned that spaceships need a huge
fuel tank to power them when up in space. Moreover, they have two rocket launchers
attached to them at liftoff. We also learned that a crawler is the machine that takes a
spaceship to it’s launch pad. This takes 5 long hours because the crawler moves super
slow. The boys had a lot of fun painting their own big “spaceship” and decorating it with
buttons and pipe cleaners. They even enjoyed sitting in it and blasting off! We were
lucky enough to have Liam. S bring his tall spaceship to share with his friends at play
time! They all had a turn going in it too! As a fun way of learning the letters of their
names, the boys made a rocket ship made of their name! It was a little tricky, but they
all tried really hard! ZOOM blast off!
Now that we knew how to get to space we had to know who went to space!
Astronauts!! The boys listened to a story about Chris Hadfield who is a Canadian
astronaut. They really enjoyed hearing how Chris as a little boy always knew he wanted
to go to space. In the book, we learned that there is lots of studying to do before a
person becomes an astronaut. Once they do, they have an important job when they go
up in space. They bring back information for us to learn! We also learned that
astronauts must wear a spacesuit and a breathing helmet. They sometimes have to fix
satellite stations and catch their food since everything floats! “My Astronaut” was a fun
felt rhyme that we did during circle about an astronaut who can’t make up his mind
which color helmet to wear to space!
Some of the books we read this month:
“There was an old Martian who swallowed the moon”
“National Geographic: The book about planets”
“Man on the moon”
“Interstellar Cinderella”
In the next month, we will be focusing on friendships, caring, and being a friend. We will
also do some fun activities for Valentine’s Day and learn about Chinese New Year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to a teacher!

CLASS 304/403-Estelle, Karen & Sousan

February is here. But what happened in December and January?

Christmas was in full swing in the Treehouse room. We made Christmas gifts and cards for the children to bring home to their parents, rode the sleigh in the home corner, wrote a letter to Santa and got a response back, decorated cookies, told the story about the birth of Jesus and had our Christmas party. We also practiced our songs that were prepared by our amazing music teacher Rachel, to share with our parents at our annual Christmas Service. The children braved the cold winter elements with our Christmas caroling in Edgemont village. A big thank you to Trims for the wooden sleigh ornaments.

During the month of January we introduced our class whale named Echo. I am sure you have heard about him but just in case you haven’t, Echo goes home every Friday with 1 child. He returns on Monday and we find out all the exciting adventures he had on the weekend.

We also started our journals with the 4’s which we will be doing every Wednesday. The children seem to be putting a lot of effort into their drawings and are able to give a detailed description of what they have drawn.

We have be focusing on letters and numbers with a variety of games, art and stories at circle

In the next few weeks we will be starting our kindergarten readiness with our 4’s

We are asking that you pack a cup in your child’s snack bag. There will be a jug of water in the centre of the table for the children to pour themselves.

Some of you may have noticed that Sousan has not been present since the new year has started. She is managing some health issues at this time but we hope to have her back soon.

On to February…Valentines Day, friendship and Chinese New Year.

MUSIC - Rachel

Music class in January began by listening to the Winter movement from Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons concerto and drawing winter inspired pictures. Then we had a special visitor, Baby Bear, who helped us learn to identify instruments by only listening to their different sounds. We have also learned the proper musical terminology for loud and quiet, and have listened to musical excerpts to hear the difference. We have been playing bells, drums, tambourines and shakers while continuing to practicing our rhythm and dynamics. 


 As it rains outside, the children are learning so much in the classrooms. 

 It is so nice to watch as the 2s are starting to move from solitary play into parallel  play and even some co-operative play with peers.  They are communicating their needs verbally and are expanding their attention span during circle time.  Giving simple directions and allowing them time to process and follow through with what you have asked them to do is helpful.  Allowing them to be independent in self dressing, putting their toys away are ways in which they build self confidence.  

The 3s are able to stay focused longer while engaging with peers during play.  They are following routines with very little adult support.  Encouraging children to ask questions and waiting for them to respond to your questions helps them learn about social interactions.  Sharing and taking turns are skills that will be helpful in the 4s.  

Since coming back from Christmas break the 4s have been working on their Kindergarten readiness skills.  The teachers are working with small groups of children to see where they may need some extra guidance in following directions, scissor cutting, recognizing letters and numbers.  Lots going on in the classrooms. 

Hard to believe it, but April 16th is Summer Program registration day.  Our theme will be "Down on The Farm".  Cheryl Hebb and I have offered this exciting, fun inclusive program for 20 years.  We run 4 days per week, 9-12 noon or 1-4 pm for 4 weeks in July.  More details to follow!