Thursday, 5 January 2023




Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope you all had an amazing holiday and you managed to have some great visits with your family and friends. Let's just jump right in with both feet, and get this year started!

First off, the teachers, Marion and I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful cards, gifts and well wishes we received. We love working with your children and we really do feel appreciated!


And THANK YOU parents for keeping your sick children home when they are showing symptoms of sickness. December was a low attendance month as it was just like a revolving door of sickness. 

It is very important that your child stays home when they have symptoms of sickness and they should not return until all their energy has fully returned. 

We do find that some children come back to school too soon and they end up rebounding, spreading germs and having to stay off sick again! 

Some mornings you may find your child does not have a fever, cough or any obvious signs of sickness, but if they are uncharacteristically weepy or whiny, they may be coming down with something so best to keep them home. They are usually contagious before any symptoms are present so this may help with spreading sicknesses around the classroom to the children and teachers.

Thank you for continuing to let us know as soon as possible if your child will be absent and for letting us know what symptoms they have when they are sick. 

for September 2023

All of our 2s and 3s will be receiving Registration Forms for you to fill out if you want your child to attend preschool in September 2023.

Currently enrolled families will get PRIORITY placement IF they return their registration forms WITH their deposit cheque attached BEFORE JANURARY 31st.

Community Families will be slotted in to all the remainder spots on Feb. 1st so if you do not get your registration in on time, you will not get priority placement.

If your child is in the 4s program but you have a child born in 2021, please let the office know and we will forward you a Registration Form. You can pick up a copy in the Office or download one from our website:

THANK YOU for voting St. Catherine's Childcare Society as a finalist for BEST NON-PROFIT in the North Shore News Reader's Choice Awards! 

Thanks so much for your support and voting for us! Next year, we hope to win the BEST PRESCHOOL category! 

JAN 31- Current Families Registration Sept/23
FEB 1 - Community Registration Sept/23
FEB 13/14 - Children's Valentine's Parties
FEB 21 - Church Pancake Supper

Thanks so much for all your fundraising efforts! We have an amazing group of supporters and that is why we have a fabulous Play yard!
Here are some numbers:
Samosas: Sold $3061.97 Profit: $765.49
Purdys: Sold $5258.93 Profit: $1314.73
Pizza Night: Profit: $1029
Class Photos Donations: $125
Return It: $143
Little Kitchen Academy: $80

Other Fundraisers we have: Cobs Bread (Edgemont Village), Scholastics, Little Kitchen Academy (Edgemont Village), Lovable Labels, Boston Pizza (Esplanade), The Card Project (in May).

Little Kitchen Academy: "A huge thank you from Little Kitchen Academy Edgemont Village to your school community for your continued support during the Fall Session. We will continue to donate $10 back to your school for every registration for the upcoming seasons and donate a full package for your school's fundraising event.


Winter registration is open at Little Kitchen Academy. 3 hour classes are available weekdays after school and weekendsRegister here for the winter session. 


As a small token of our appreciation, use code SCCS2023 for a $50 discount for the winter session. Please register to be on our email list for access to classes prior to the public for our upcoming sessions before they are sold out:  Register here"    

The Classrooms are getting ready for the New Year but we want to show you what we did in December!

Head to our website and look for the BLOG LINK! 

RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle, Susan, Vibha

Happy New Year!! Considering how much snow we received just a few days prior, we hope that everyone had a lovely and relaxing Christmas. What fun the snow is to play in!! We want to express our gratitude for the lovely cards, gifts, and Christmas greetings we received.

The month of December was extremely busy for the Discovery Two. We started by making your special surprise gift for you. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it and that it made it to your Christmas Tree. It will be something you can keep for years to come.

On our science table we explored ‘Christmas’ with our senses. We had sparkly ornaments, bumpy beads, soft bows, crinkly foil paper, fluffy pompoms, a pine Christmas tree as well as soft puppets for the children to explore. On the light table we set up the Nativity Scene so the children could play with the Characters including Baby Jesus, Mary, 3 Wisemen. We remodeled the housekeeping corner into a Christmas Bakery, with cookies, aprons, measuring cups, muffin trays and Christmas Baskets. They had lots of fun baking, serving themselves and others and using their imagination. 

For Art we started with making our special Christmas Presents, where we carefully choose what to put inside the ball and used our hand eye coordination to push things through the small opening. We then decorated the bag we used to wrap our present with stickers & felts. We also used Christmas sequins to decorate popsicle trees and made a paper plate wreath with green paint, foam Christmas shapes and tissue paper squares. We enjoyed the different textures of the slippery sequins and the soft foam/tissue paper pieces mixed in with the wet paint/glue. We had lots of fun icing & decorating our Gingerbread Men which we got to eat at snack time. We also had fun decorating our own Reindeer Hats with crayons, stickers, and stamps. We enjoyed wearing them on our Party Day with a little red nose paint. Thank you to those parents who brought party food.

For circle we listened to many stories.  We read the books ‘Silent Night’, ‘5 Christmas Penguins', ‘Christmas’ & ‘Here Comes Christmas’. We listened to the felt story Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree, What do you See? And played the game What Christmas Shape is Missing?  We also listened to the felt rhymes: 5 Santa’s, 5 Gingerbread Men, 5 Stockings & 5 Christmas Trees.  We sang Shake it Santa with a Santa shaped shaker, I’m a Little Pine Tree & We wish you a Merry Christmas.

In the upcoming weeks we will be talking about Winter and what we might see or do outside or what we wear when it’s cold.

Just a reminder, that if it’s not raining or snowing, we usually go outside to play, so please pack a warm jacket, mittens & hat.

We would also like to mention that if anyone is starting toilet training, please let us know as consistency is the key.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and talk to us.

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Carol, Gabi, Karen, Kamalpreet, Rose

Welcome back after our 2 week winter break. We want to start off this blog with a big THANK YOU to all the parents for your generosity with the Christmas gifts that we received.

We started off the month of December talking about nativity. This is a time where we sit together in a circle on the floor and tell an interactive story to the children. For art we made Angels, Baby Jesus in a manger, donkeys and bright stars.

During this time, we were also practising for our Christmas service. This was particularly exciting as we haven’t had one in the last few years. We hope you enjoyed it I know we did.

And a few days before the end of school we received our Santa letter back from the North Pole and the children were very excited to have it read to them.

The children worked very well on their Christmas gift this year. We had good fun making it. We hope it will be a treasure for years to come.

Every day before the children left, they were each given a treat from the interactive gingerbread house on the board in the hallway. Sorry, this was only from December as we’ve had a few children ask why they’re still not getting them😊.

Last, but not least, thank you to the parents who brought in goodies to share for our Christmas parties. The children love sitting together in a large group and talking about the food that they brought to share with friends.

All the Best to you and your family in this coming year!

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Carol, Danielle, Rose

Hello Sunflower Families,

Although December was a short month in terms of number of days at preschool, we certainly packed in a lot of art, secret gift making, secret rehearsals for the Christmas service, paint, glitter and FUN! We really needed the extra half hour that we gained starting this month.

We started the month learning about the Nativity, the story of the first Christmas. We used books, toy figures and felt stories to help the children to learn about Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and the shepherds and Wise men. We made nativity scenes with popsicle sticks and painted scenes using block paints.

At the same time, work started on our multidimensional tree scene (with lights!!). This involved gluing tissue to upcycled jars, painting and decorating trees, attaching the trees to a wood round, adding hemlock cones, glitter, and a piece of fabric “personally signed by your child”, AND stringing lights to add that special touch. The children were truly delighted and rightly proud by the sight of their creations.

The children also personalized the gift bags using cookie cutter stamps, paint and glitter, and printing their names with a fabric pen.

The attached card was two little reindeer made from their thumb prints adding faces and quite amazing legs and antlers.

Of course we also did lots of other art projects: We made angels out of coffee filters and feathers, a tree snow scene, cedar rounds decorated to make an ornament, stockings, candy canes, Christmas ball collages, Christmas lights and much more.

On the science table we had a display of red and green objects which were of interest for their tactile properties. We then changed that to explore our sense of smell, with whole and ground spices, bringing back memories of the gingerbread men we made last month.

We listened to some stories on CD: Santa’s New Jet, Santa Knows, Christmas for the Snowmen and A Magical Christmas. We read stories to the children every day at preschool, and these included: The Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, The Little Christmas Tree, Christmas Angels, Christmas Song, Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear, and Peppa’s Christmas.

Each day we also sing songs, action rhymes, tell Felt stories and play games. A lot of our songs this month were learned and practiced in preparation for the Christmas Service.  The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming proficient in some new songs and some old favourites. It was lovely to see them so happy when performing for their families.

Early in December we wrote a letter to Santa, including pictures drawn by the children; and good old Santa sent a letter back, which we read together.

We went caroling in Edgemont village, making stops at the Amica retirement home, (they gave us candy canes) Cobbs Bakery and Thrifty Foods. It was a lot of fun, and we made many people smile, hopefully spreading the Christmas spirit.

As always, we ended the term with a party! Good food (thank you to the parents who helped this time, you’ll all get a turn), music and party games (Freeze Dancing, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Find the Stocking). We made reindeer hats and Santa faces as well. It has been a busy month, but we all had a great time.

Carol, Danielle and Rose would especially like to extend our thanks to you, the parents, for your thoughtfulness and generosity at Christmas time. It was very much appreciated. 

Going into the new year, we will be continuing to work on each child’s independence, in personal life skills, such as putting on and taking off jackets, hanging up their jackets and backpacks, etc. They have all made great gains already and we will continue with this. Our four year olds will start to focus more on Pre Kindergarten skills and will start weekly work in a journal.

We hope you all had a happy and relaxing break over the Christmas holidays and that you’re as keen as we are to start the new year and new term at St. Catherine’s Preschool.

Please always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns,


Wishing all our families a healthy and happy 2023 and I hope everyone had an enjoyable break.  Thank you for all your kind wishes and gifts, they were all much appreciated.

As we start the new year, the children will continue to develop their independence and social skills while learning through play.  

The classrooms are set up each day to provide the children with opportunities to learn skills on their own, in small groups or in a larger group, such as during Circle time.  The teachers are aware of age appropriate activities and while focusing on Kindergarten Readiness skills for the 4s, the 3s will have an opportunity to learn these same skills at their own pace.  This is one advantage of a multi- age classroom.

Please speak with your teachers about any questions or concerns you might have and you can email the office and messages will be passed on.  

Tuesday, 6 December 2022



Wow! I am always surprised by how fast each month goes by! And December is just a short month for us and we only have another week and a half before the Christmas break!

We will try to get everything done!


Hey! We had a goal of $5000 and we passed it!! We raised a total of $5008.50!! That gives our school a profit of $1314.73! Thanks so much to all of our supporters!


Well, it was a great night! Such a fun time! It was a very busy night with a lot going on! The teachers made some delicious salads and our Board Members made some delicious desserts! And we can't forget about our neighbourhood FRESH SLICE PIZZA who delivered us some nice hot pizza!

The Mary Pellatt Room was busy with the Cake Walk! The music plays and the children go around the chairs and whoever stops at the right chair gets to pick a cake off the table!! 

Thanks so much to all the parents, board members and staff who donated cakes!

Once the games were done, at the end of the night, we auctioned off six more cakes! And then the very last cake was given to the winner of the cake raffle.

It was a great event and even though we don't like to call this a Fundraiser (It's more of a social get-together), we made a profit of $1029!! How awesome is that?! That will be added to our other fundraiser event funds to help to maintain and beautify our play yard! Thanks to everyone who supports us!


DEC. 7 - Christmas Service 6pm
DEC. 14/15/16 - Children's Christmas Parties
DEC. 16 - Last Day of Preschool before Christmas Break
JAN 3 - First Day back after Christmas Break
JAN 31 - REGISTRATION for Sept.2023 - Current Families
FEB 1 - Registration for Sept. 2023 - Community Families
FEB 13/14 - Children's Valentine's Day Parties
FEB. 21 - Church Pancake Supper

We Sent Something Home To Every Family! Did you get it?

Lindsay Wilson, one of our Parent Members on our Board has been working very hard at putting together a little something for all the families. Please look for a little RETURN IT package that includes a couple of plastic bags, a couple of stickers and an info sheet! 

We all know that we do a lot of socializing during the Christmas and New Year seasons so this is a good time to send home this fundraiser!

Please save all your cans, bottles, milk jugs, and other returnables in the bags provided and drop them off at the RETURN IT Depot at the Brooksbank location: 310 Brooksbank Avenue.

All of the proceeds we collect will go towards the maintenance and improvements to our Play yard!

Thanks for your support!!


One special thing that happened is we have a new member of our TREEHOUSE Teaching Team! Please WELCOME KAMAL to the Treehouse MWF class! We are happy to have her join our little family!

Check out what else happened here: 

RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle, Susan, Vibha

November was a such a great and eventful month. There were two new themes presented: Construction and Pete the Cat.

For construction week we talked about many kinds of tools, their purposes and tool safety.

(Sing to the tune “Mulberry Bush”)

This is the way we saw our wood

Saw our wood, saw our wood 

This is the way we saw our wood 

So early in the morning.

Other verses: pound our nails, drill a hole and use a screwdriver.

For art, we made our own tool belts, dump trucks and trucks in the mud painting was a big hit with our two’s. 

At circle we talked about construction bear with felt pieces, five big dump trucks, how many trucks do you see, goodnight, goodnight construction site book and played memory game about which tool is missing from the pile.

During the final two weeks we learned about Pete the Cat, who would say:  "Don’t be sad, don’t be blue, there is something everyone can do."

For art, we made shoe prints with blue, red and brown paint, glued tissue paper on Pete’s shoes, marble painted Pete the cat and explored with groovy buttons.

At Circle time, we listened to two popular CD stories:

Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons

Pete the Cat and his white shoes.

Five black cats felt rhyme and what colour shoe is missing.

We also practised a yoga cat pose:

My hands and knees on the floor 

I become a cat

Stretching on leg to form a tail

I say meow just like that.

In December we will be focusing on Christmas. We have many more exciting things to do around this special time of the year.

Please continue to send extra clothing as there some very enthusiastic painters and children who enjoy the water play.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to speak to any of us.

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Gabi, Karen, Rose, Carol, Kamal

Hello Treehouse Families. Please welcome the newest member to our teaching team: KAMAL! We are glad to have you with us!

We had another fun, busy month with all your lovely children. The unusually dry weather allowed us to spend more time playing outside and gave us the opportunity to take a few lucky children to explore the neighbourhood on some sunny, quiet afternoons. 

We practiced some real life skills along the way, like finding lost boots, fixing hats to be able to see, or holding onto our partners hands, just to name a few. By the 4th trip, the little troopers forgot to complain “Are we there yet?” and walked happily, chatting about traffic, things that they spotted in windows or on the road. It’s amazing how simple things in life make us feel content!

In the classroom we remembered the soldiers who lost their lives for
 us, and created a poppy
art with a poem printed on the back. Remembrance Day is a heavy topic for 3 and 4 year olds,
but they were interested to learn about the past. Please ask your children whenever you see an
interactive project in their backpacks, it might open up a conversation on a subject we covered
at school. Sometimes the children amaze us by remembering things we learned about months

In the first two weeks of November we shared books and felt board stories that we, the teachers
like to work with. Eric Carle’s book simplicity and stunning illustrations, Dr. Seuss’s complex and
clever, funny language, and Pete the Cat’s fun, interactive stories were all loved by both classes.

For the past few weeks we covered multiple topics including: shapes, colours and numbers.
The children learned to recognize and name shapes that were displayed to them on the felt
board. They were able to differentiate a square from a rectangle! We played memory games,
favoured by many, where they had to guess or choose the correct shape, colour or number. (“Red
Circle”, “Snails in a Pail,” “ Little Mouse”, “Crayons, Crayons”, were some of the favourites.)

Some of the art projects that were the most popular were a shape train paper collage, and
a finger painting “experiment“ where the children mixed primary colours to reveal secondary
colours. Seeing purple after mixing some blue and red always creates some amazing reactions!
Hearing “Wow, I really did make this beautiful purple!!” is priceless every time.

Equally exciting is to share the Nativity story with the children before we read any other
Christmas stories. Angels and a baby were amongst some well loved art projects. Some of the free play times were replaced by practices for the Christmas Service. We have
been practicing relentlessly, the children are very excited to showcase their talents. We hope
that you can all make it and celebrate with us, (unless you haven’t changed your mind about
that family trip to boring Hawaii, or other warm, boring places :)
Enjoy the time you will have with your little ones over the holidays. We wish you all a very
happy, peaceful and safe Christmas and a prosperous, healthy New Year!

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Carol, Danielle, Rose

It is hard to believe it will be Christmas next month but after the busy month we have had, we will be
ready for a holiday.

We started the month of November talking about Sealife, with an emphasis on Orca Whales. We
discovered that as a school we have ‘adopted’ an orca whale in the ocean, off Vancouver Island named
Echo. As a class, we each will get to take him home in his ‘aquarium’ and spend the weekend with him
and bring him back to show and share with our friends. We also explored crabs and jellyfish. 

We read “Looking for Crabs", "Swimmy" and "One Tiny Turtle”. We listened to the felt songs "Three  Jellyfish", "Baby Beluga", "Swimming in the Ocean" and "5 Whales". We matched different kinds of sea creatures and guessed what Sea Animal was missing. We used diffusing paper and watercolors to make jellyfish, paper plates to make crabs and used a salad spinner to decorate our orca whales.

We also spent a day talking about Remembrance Day. We learned that a long time ago adults stopped
talking to each other and started a war. We discussed how to be a good friend, keep our hands to our
own bodies and use our words when we are not happy. We read "Ava’s Poppy" and "The Soldiers Puppy" and listened to the felt rhymes -Five Brave Soldiers and Five Poppies. We marched to the song ‘The Grand old Duke of York’. For art we used red tissue paper and a black pompoms to make our own poppy.

For the last two weeks we decided to take a step back into our childhoods and talk about our favorite
fairytales. We started with "The Three Little Pigs", "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and "Jack and the Beanstalk" and then "Goldilocks and The 3 Bears", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Gingerbread Man." 

We also managed to schedule a visit to the library where we listened to the story "Hansel and Gretel – Ninja Chicks". 

We have also heard a few stories that take the old fairy tales into a different direction. We read “The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig", "Jack and The Giant BBQ", "Suddenly, Snoring Beauty", "Tacky Locks", "Old Macdonald Had a Dragon" and "Goldi Rocks and the Three Bears”. 

For art we used popsicle sticks to make our own houses, glue and paper to make the face of a goat and tissue paper, cotton wool and real beans to make our own beanstalk in the sky. We also used oatmeal to make three bowls of porridge and made a forest with strips of paper and silhouettes of Red Riding Hood and the wolf plus we all enjoyed decorating our own gingerbread man to take home. We also have been very busy Elves making something special for our loved ones.

We have been very busy practicing our Christmas Songs for our Christmas Service that we are having
next week. We are looking forward to performing it in front of our families.

For the last few weeks of the year, we will explore The Nativity and Christmas, as well as continuing to
have fun learning and playing together.

Please remember to pack more food than less (one container for snack and one for lunch) as beginning in December we will be here for 4 ½ hours a day. 

We will also be going outside to play if it’s not raining, so pack appropriate footwear and jackets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office so we can arrange a meeting after school


This is such a magical time of the year and I am so lucky to be able to experience the anticipation of the Holiday Season through the eyes of the children.  

The teachers have been rehearsing for the Christmas Service on Wednesday, December 7th at 6 pm.  Please drop off the children in the Rainbow Room by 5:30 pm.  We are so happy that we are able to celebrate this event in person. 

The Pizza Night was such a fun, successful evening. Thank you everyone for your support of the school.  The cake walk is always the highlight for me and once again I wasn't surprised by all the smiles and laughter.

I want to wish all our families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, 7 November 2022



November 2022

We have been extremely lucky with our extended summer weather throughout October but now we need to hunker down and get ready for rain, snow, hail, sun and wind....and that could just be a Monday! 

Please remember to send your child with indoor shoes if they come to school in boots. Running around in the gym is not safe in boots and children are not allowed to run around without footwear. Best to send extra socks and clothes in their packs so they can put on a sweater if they get cold or change if they get wet from outside.

SAMOSA FUNDRAISER - Wow! Our Samosa Fundraiser sold over $3061 worth of products!! And that give our school a profit of $765.49 that will go towards our playground upgrade! Thank you so much for supporting our school and thanks you to The Samosa Fundraising Company for another amazing campaign! Order Pickup will be Nov. 9th - 11:30-12:45pm at the preschool.

PIZZA NIGHT & CAKE WALK: THURS., NOV. 17th - We can not wait for this event!! It has been two years since we have gathered together and we are READY TO PARTY! Pizza forms will be sent home so please plan on stopping by for dinner, conversation and perhaps you might WIN A CAKE! This event will be hosted by St. Catherine's Board Members and Teachers and we have great food and exciting games to play! We will also have a silent auction for some of our best decorated cakes! Please feel free to donate a cake for our cake walk/auction if you feel so inclined!

Every Christmas we like to do our Purdys Chocolate Fundraiser and it seems to be a hit each year! Our goal is to sell over $5000 worth of chocolate. This year we will give a prize to the family that orders the most chocolate! If you send the ordering link to others, and they order chocolate then you will get credit for their orders as well! Just tell them to let us know you recommended our fundraiser. Good luck and Happy Eating! Just go to Purdys Fundraising and use our ordering code 11053


Children who want to register for the 2023-2024 Kindergarten school year and who will have reached the age of 5 prior to December 30, 2023 (year of birth 2018) are eligible.

Please go online to the North Vancouver School District web site for more information.


I have sent out an email to all the 3s and 4s outlining that our CCFRI rebate amounts will be changing as of Dec. 1st. If you have not received any such email, please contact the office immediately as fees are changing and because a full day rate will give you up to 3 times as much as a part day rate, you may want to extend your hours. You will get a new fee schedule for Dec-June emailed to you shortly.


Nov 8 - Purdys Chocolate Fundraiser Opens
Nov 11 - Remembrance Day: PRESCHOOL CLOSED
Nov.15 - Pizza Orders Due
Nov 17 - Pizza Day & Cake Walk
Nov 29 - Purdys Orders Due
Dec 7 - Christmas Service (all mwf & t/th classes)
Dec 14/15/16 - Children's Christmas Parties
Dec 16 - Last Day before Christmas Break
Jan 3 - First Day of Classes


RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle (T/Th), Susan (M/W) Vibha (M-Th)

Hello to all of our two’s families. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog as it’s a great way to learn about all the fun we are having in the rainbow room classroom.

The month of October was full of celebrations! We first celebrated and learned about the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time for the teachers to remind the children about the importance of giving thanks to family our friends and God. The second exciting holiday we took part in was Halloween. The highlight of the month was our Halloween parties for sure! The children all looked so sweet in their Halloween/ black and orange themed clothing. The party energy filled the classroom, the children had their faces painted, listened to Halloween music, and even watched a short Halloween themed movie. Fun was had by all and thank you to the parents who generously contributed food to our festivities.

The teachers always take the time to creatively decorate the classroom for the theme of the month. This time of the year is filled with Fall colours and some spooky ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. The children’s art was beautifully displayed on the classroom walls. A few highlights of the student’s artwork were hand print bats, paper plate spiders, sponge print ghosts, along with pumpkin and leave prints. We are so proud of each of the children for the effort, creativity, and enthusiasm for each of their art pieces. We love fostering creativity in the classroom and encourage all parents to take the time to discuss their children’s art as they bring them home.

Some other fun activities that took place in the classroom this month was the table activities and floor toys.  When setting up the classroom activities the teachers take the time to acknowledge what the children are interested in as well as keeping the theme in mind. The two-year-olds are developing their fine motor skills rapidly so to foster this skill toys such as our lock box are out to engage with. The lock box is always a hit with the children.  Small figures are often appealing to take in and out of the doors. The locks are a great small motor activity. 

When we set up the classroom, we love giving the children the opportunity to learn a new skill such as their colours. Often our toys are sorted by colours shapes or material type. A sorting activity is chance for the teachers to sit down and engage with the students one on one during classroom time. Parents are encouraged to create fun tabletop activities at home too. A engaging sorting activity that can be done with household materials is sorting rocks, leaves, yard treasures in a muffin tin. Children love showing and talking to their caregivers about what they have found and this creates a great chance for adult and child exchange.

Thank you again to the parents who contributed to the Halloween parties, they wouldn’t be possible without you.

A reminder to the parents, if you child comes to school in rain boots, please pack a pair of runners or sneakers for child. Boots are great for stomping in puddles, but they are hard to walk in when in the classroom.

We are so excited to see the magic of Christmas through the children’s eyes in upcoming months!

Thanks for reading!

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Karen (M-F), Gabi (M-F), Rose (T/Th), Carol (T/Th)

Greetings Treehouse Families
Welcome to our second blog for this school year. 
I wanted to start off with a ‘few’ reminders. 
  • Please send an extra set of clothing with your child’s belongings. We are running very low on spare items.
  • With the wet weather upon us most children are wearing boots. Please send your child with dry, more comfortable shoes to wear in class. Boots are not easy to run around in the gym, stairs are not easy to walk and sitting at circle carpet can be uncomfortable. 
  • Please take your child to the washroom before leaving home. We are being asked by children as soon as they arrive to go and this is a busy time getting all the children settled in.
  • Keep the candy/sweets for after school. With your child having access to their food the sweets are normally the first thing they eat and then no longer interested in the food. 
  • Some of the children have very small (cute) backpacks. These can be very difficult and frustrating for some children to try and unpack and pack, more space is better and good practice for Kindergarten.

On to all the things your children may or may not have told you this month…

We started off the month talking about Autumn/Fall. Asking the children what they have noticed, about what the changes are that happen. The children responded with some great answers. “The leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground”. “We are wearing our jackets more because it is getting colder outside”. “Mom said I can’t wear shorts anymore”. Just to name a few.
Art was full of all colours we find in Autumn. The children made leaf wreaths on a paper plate, leaf stamping using real leaves, ornamental corn using a paper bag and painting with their fingertips, cutting up a variety of real leaves and pasting them to paper shaped leaves and pasting Autumn coloured tissue paper on to crayon drawn trees. Music time was filled with songs “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down”, “Sleeping Turkeys”, “We Are Going on a Leaf Hunt” “Autumn is Here”. We also went for a neighbourhood walk with some of the children to collect leaves, enjoy hot chocolate at Delany’s and a visit to the library. 
Thanksgiving was a opportunity for sharing what we are all thankful for. You will be happy to know the most popular answer was Mommys and Daddys.

For Art the children made paper plate turkeys, coloured cornucopias, mini pumpkin paint stamping and some children brought home turkeys made with play-dough. 

We had a special visit from one of our teachers, Vibha who talked about Diwali. This is a Festival of Lights that is celebrated for 5 days. People celebrate by decorating their homes with lights, flowers and Diyas. Vibha brought some in for the children to decorate and it also contained a tea light. Like many festivals, Diwali is a time when families get together to have fun, share sweets, gifts and eat lots of delicious food.
Vibha talked about Rangoli which consist of beautiful patterns made with colourful patterns, flowers and grains. At circle time Vibha shared a story and Diwali and dancing with brightly colour scarves. Fun was had by all. Thank you Vibha.

Just like that we were into everything Halloween. This year we started a community garden and planted pumpkin seeds. Only one grew and then children decorated small ornamental ones to keep it company.

Circle time was filled with conversations about what is real and what is pretend: The costumes that the children would be wearing, who visited a pumpkin patch and how loud my Dad snores! :) Once one child mentioned this everyone's hands went up to share. We also played “Boo’s under the Blanket?, Bibbity, Bobbity Alphabet Brew. We also read “Room on a Broom”, “Pumpkin, Pumpkin What Do You See?” “Are You My Mummy?”, “Frogs on a Spoon”, “Winnie and Wilbur and the Flying Carpet” “The Little Orange House” “Go Away Big Green Monster” “The Chocolate Chip Ghost” and many more. We also played many games on the felt board like Which House is the Ghost in? Witch is My Name-o. What Coloured Bat is Missing? 

A classic for every Halloween is “5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate”. We also made this an art project that I hope the children shared with you. We attached the rhyme on the back. 
You may have noticed a ‘bit’ more art this month… puffy paint ghost, interactive paper plate bat scene, witch caldron, handprint spiders, mummies, bat crowns, silly pumpkin faces made from craft paper, magic water colour painting, monster making with shapes, and sticky rice crispy treat.

Our home corners were set up with a Witch Emporium, Pumpkin Patch, Spooky Castles and Ships.

Our Halloween parties were started with being greeted by the children in costumes.
Throughout the day we made a yummy edible potion, experimented with baking soda and vinegar in small caldrons, played Halloween Bingo, listened to lots of Halloween music “Monster Mash”, “Halloween Stomp”, “Ghostbusters” “Monster Boogie” “Halloween Freeze” “Spooky Wheels on the Bus” and dancing. A big thank you to the families who brought in party food to share. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up we will be having another opportunity for our Christmas party.

Last but not least we just wanted to share what we have been observing in the classroom. All the children have settled in and are getting more comfortable with each class. Every child is showing their independence upon arrival and following our daily routines smoothly. Friendships are forming and existing ones are flourishing. Interactions between peers can sometimes be challenging as each child may interpret the others actions as being hurtful. However each child communicates their feelings and ideas in a way that they are familiar with. Friendships take effort and understanding and there will be good days and not so good days. At any time if we hear or see hurtful interactions we take this opportunity to discuss what has happened and to acknowledge the other person's feelings. Most children are able to tell a peer that what they are doing is not okay. We are always there to guide the children in a situation that will have a positive outcome. 

For the month of November we will be focusing on children’s authors…Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle and Eric Litwin.

Well I hope you made it to the end, give us a thumbs up at drop off or pickup if you did!

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Danielle, Carol, Rose

Hello Everyone,

We’ve had a wonderful October, with so many warm and sunny days for us to play outside in our playground. Of course, at the time of writing, the weather has changed considerably, so it’s a good thing we have lots of great gym equipment!

The children are continuing to work on independent skills including: taking off and putting on jackets, hanging them up along with their back packs in their cubbies, and now, changing from rain boots into indoor shoes- a valuable life skill in B.C.

During the first week of October we learned about Thanksgiving. At circle we played Turkey games, the best of which was Pin the Tail Feathers on the Turkey. We practiced gross motor skills by tossing small pumpkins into a cornucopia. We read books like “There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Pie”, Peppa’s Windy Fall Day” and “Thanks For Thanksgiving”, among others. At the Art tables, we made Turkeys by tracing, (4 year olds), and gluing on eyes and feathers; we made a leaf and handprint wreath and answered the question “What are you thankful for?”. That day we used feathers to paint with at the easel. We also made cornucopias by gluing on pictures of foods we might eat at Thanksgiving Dinner. We went outside for a very short walk to look at the community garden boxes in the corner of the church parking lot where we left our decorated mini (real) pumpkins and discussed all the amazing fruits and vegetables the gardeners had grown.

 We next had a week of looking at Autumn.

Circle included lots of games, books and songs like: Going on a Leaf Hunt, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Who’s Under the Blanket?, 5 Baby Owls. We learned about different types of leaves and the life cycle of apples.

In the music room we did dancing with leaves and played the Farmer’s in the Dell.

At Art we made scarecrows out of paper bags, used sliced apples to make prints, painted apple trees and had dry leaves in the (dry) water table.

 The last two weeks of October we have been preparing for Hallowe’en.

We read “10 Little Pumpkins”, “Mouse’s First Hallowe’en”, “Baby Bat’s Lullaby”, “Scaredy Cat Splat” and “Insy Winsy Spider”, ”Happy Hallowe’en Little Critter”, ”Boo Who”, “Little Boo”, and “The Spooky Wheels on the Bus”.

We sang Fly Fly Little Bats, There’s a Spider on my Leg, The Haunted House song and many others.

We played throwing spiders bats and eyeballs into a cauldron, played Hallowe’en Hokey Pokey, and in the music room we read “the Witch on Hallowe’en” and played freeze dance to Hallowe’en music.

In art we traced pumpkins for a collage, used a half small pumpkin for stamping, made hand print bats, gluing on eyes, teeth and ears, made paper plate spiders with accordion legs; we painted  ghosts using balloons and made witches’ hats which we painted and decorated.

During these last weeks of October we also had two special sessions. Marion lead us through a Fire Safety programme with Firefighter Dan, including the important points: never touching fire/heat; Stop Drop and Roll; and Crawl Low Under Smoke.

We also had an exciting visit from Teacher Vibha (Rainbow Rm), who came to share her celebration of  the Festival of Diwali, a celebration of Light.

We talked about diyas, small clay lamps which we painted to take home, Rangoli, beautiful patterns which we coloured at the art table, and we tasted some delicious Gulab Jamun, a sweet syrup soaked small cake, a very popular treat with our class! Thank you so much Vibha for your time and generosity, we all loved that special lesson.

 Of course October ended with our class Hallowe’en Party.

It’s always lovely to see all the cute, beautiful and scary costumes the children come in.

We had special party food at snack time (Thank you to the parents chosen this time), we played party games, sang songs and read Hallowe’en books.

 Thank you all for your continued support; we have a few fundraisers coming up, including The Pizza Night, 17th of November, and the Purdy’s Chocolates fundraiser throughout November.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the teachers,


As the school year progresses, so do the little friendships in the classrooms.  Some children come with a ready set group of friends, while others start off not knowing anyone.  Each child develops at their own pace and interacting with peers is different for each child.  Then there are the stages of play: solitary, parallel, associate and cooperative play.  The children are developing their social skills and while playing with peers they are learning how to express their emotions and how to take turns.  The dynamics in the groups change each day and they need to be able to communicate their needs to each other.  

The classrooms are set up with a number of play areas. During free play the children are able to move from one activity to another.  Young children are learning how to form friendships with a number of children, this sometimes depends on their play interest at the time.  There are leaders and followers and young children may try on both roles during play. The teachers use Circle time to teach the children about peer interactions, being kind to others and our number one rule: No One Gets Hurt.  If you any questions please speak with you child's teachers or email the office.

We are very excited that we will once again have our Christmas Service in the Church on Wednesday, Dec 7th, 2022 @ 6pm.  The children in the Treehouse and Sunflower Rooms will be rehearsing  during class time.