Thursday, 8 April 2021

APRIL 2021


April showers bring May flowers! Or so they say! I don't know about you but my garden is already blooming! 

Weather is crazy in April so make sure you send your child with various weather appropriate gear and extra clothes in their backpacks so we can be ready for any adventure, whatever the weather!!

Three more months until the end of the school year! 

There are plenty of things planned for the last few months of school. Make sure you are watching your emails for all the updates!.

The Card Project fundraiser will be coming to an end so make sure you place your orders by tomorrow!

Please note the school closures coming up: 
FRIDAY, MAY 14TH - Professional Day (School Closed)
MONDAY, MAY 24TH - Victoria Day (School Closed)

Hey! JEANS WEEK is coming up! 

We will be collecting donations for the Children's Hospital during the week of April 19th - 23rd.
Bring your loose change and look for the upside down umbrellas at pickup and drop off and toss it in!
Jean's Day is Wednesday, April 28th so we will all wear our denim and jean jackets on that day! We will then send all the donations collected to the Children's Hospital! Look for the teachers' jeans photo in the next blog!!

Parking Lot Safety

Please make sure you are driving slowly through our parking lot as well as through the immediate neighbourhood. Now that weather is getting better, there will be a lot more children walking to school.

Please do not park in the small parking lot off Ridgeway. That is for Church staff/visitors only.

Please do not let your children play in the parking lot. Please keep them close to you while waiting for classes to open, and after class, please say your goodbyes and head on home or to the park to socialize with parents and children.

RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle, Marjan, Vibha

We hope you all had a wonderful Spring break.

Over the past few weeks we have noticed that our little twos are growing up to be a great little threes.  We are seeing them work well together.  Their play is starting to incorporate more and more friends.  We have observed this play in the Home Corner as they like to play tea party, or any form of pretend play. 

What a fun and exciting month of March we had learning about different modes of transportation and Easter.

For art, we made yellow school buses, decorated paper plate sailboats and cars with tissue paper, fire truck and car printing and we used our handprints to decorate our own carriage.

During Circle Time, we read a fun-filled sing along tape story- “We all go traveling by”.  Felt rhymes are always a big hit with our twos such as Five Big Buses -( great colour recognition game), Twinkle, Twinkle Motor Car, Five Little Sailboats and everyone’s favourite Wheels On the Bus. 

 5 Little Sailboats

One little sailboat with a sail so blue 

Along came another, then there were two.

Two little sailboats sailing on the sea

Along came another, then there were three.

Three little sailboats sailing close to the shore 

Along came another, then there were four.

Four little sailboats can’t wait to arrive 

Along came another, then there were five 

Five little sailboats in the wind they rock

 “It’s stormy out here, let’s get back to the dock.”

 Later, we hopped right into Easter.  Easter is one of our children’s favourite themes.  At the  science table the children really enjoyed experimenting with egg tongs to pick up small Easter objects.  It’s a great way to promote fine motor and eye and hand coordination skills.  We put shredded paper into the water table with different coloured eggs to promote colour recognition and matching game. 


For art, the children enjoyed marble painting Easter eggs, decorating bunnies and chicks, Easter egg printing, and making our beautiful Easter baskets with colourful eggs. 

 At Circle, the children love to sing finger rhymes and action songs. For example, Yellow Egg, Yellow Egg What Do You See? Little Peter Rabbit, See the Sleeping Bunnies, Five Little Chickens Balancing Step-by-Step on a Piece of String and...

 Hop little Rabbit, hop, hop hop

Hop little Rabbit, don’t you stop

Hop little Rabbit, 1,2,3

Hop little Rabbit, hop to me.

 For the month of April we will be talking about Spring.

Please feel free to speak to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay safe and Healthy


TREEHOUSE ROOM - Arsi, Brita, Carol, Karen, Marjan, Rose

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Spring break! 


Our first week of March, we finished up on our community helpers topic. We talked about police officers, mail carriers, garbage truck drivers, and even tried our hands as being chefs. 

We read books titled: Officer Buckle, Snail Mail, and we looked at books that described the other important jobs. For art, we sequenced a police officer by using various cut out shapes (badge/hat/tie) and painted in their faces. Moreover, we used construction paper pieces to make a garbage truck that had paper “garbage” in its back. The children also enjoyed gluing shiny foil paper to make their own badges, decorated their own police cars, and fire trucks. We also made our very own mail bags with postcards too. Who doesn’t love cheese pizza? Some of our friends had a go at making their very own mini pizzas as well. What a fun time! 

In the second week, we moved onto our primary colours, red, blue, and yellow! So much fun to see what new colours these primary colours made!  Our first 2 colours we mixed were yellow and blue which the children discovered turned GREEN! To demonstrate this, we read the book called “Little Blue & Little Yellow.” For art, we used a salad spinner on a coffee filter to see the mixing of the two colours. Furthermore, we swished the two colours into a paper cup which made the cup green inside. Some of the children also did a colour experiment by using shaving cream, diffusing paper and cotton balls to mix the colours together.  We also tried this experiment with our next two colours which were red and yellow. It was fun to see the children discover that they made the colour ORANGE! Moreover, we scooped three of our favourite colour paints and mixed them on paper to see what colours we’d create! At circle, we played I-spy and we talked about the foods we eat that may be red, yellow, or orange in colours. 

We even had a birthday party in out house corner with all our primary colours! Oh how fun!  

After spring break, Marjan introduced the children to the holiday of the Persian New Year called Nowruz! She had the traditional table called the Haft Seen table which incorporated 7 items that started with the letter S. These items all had special meanings which the children listened to intently! Happy Nowruz, welcome Spring!

In the last 2 weeks of March we talked about Easter and shapes! Our first two shapes were circle & oval. We discussed how each shape had no edges and looked at how they were different with each other too. We looked at the books called : Circle, What is round?,  Friendshape, Find a circle, and Shapes Reshape. We did a shape rhyme and played the felt board game which shape is missing!  The children even found lots of shapes around our room!  Furthermore, at circle, we talked about Easter. We read the books: Spot’s First Easter, Easter egg Hunt, Splat the cat: where’s the Easter bunny? We also played the felt board game Which Easter Egg is Missing? and Where’s the Bunny? During this time, we also practiced our Easter songs for our video performance! For art, the children made their Easter baskets by using paper plates! They loved how the circle shape plate turned into a rectangle. They also loved painting their baskets with pastel colours and decorated them with Easter shapes! 

Our next two shapes were square & rectangle! At circle, we talked about how each shape has four sides. We looked at the difference of each shape too. The children learned that square has four equal sides and rectangle has two long and two short sides. We also sang shape songs too! For art, we made square shaped bunnies, decorated bunny shapes by gluing squares on, and made flowers in a pot using square shapes. We also made bunny headbands too! 

There’s so many other fun things we did such as: salad spinning cherry blossom shaped flowers, decorated egg shaped sugar cookies, used watercolours on egg shaped diffusing paper, coloured black eggs with egg shaped chalk, some of the children went on a walk to Eldon park, and we all had a visit from the Easter bunny! We even watched a Easter DVD called Mac and Ruby’s Easter!  So much fun was had by all!

In the next month, we will be talking about spring and working on our kindergarten readiness and independent skills such as putting on our jackets on our own and using our zippers on our own too!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to your teachers!

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Arsi, Danielle, Carol

We started March with talking about Bugs!! We started with Ladybugs & read ‘The Grouchy Lady Bug' & '10 Lucky Ladybugs’. We listened to the felt rhymes ‘Little Red Bug' & '5 Little Lady Bugs’. We acted out the songs ‘We’re Are Going on a Bug Hunt" & 'Ladybug Fly Away’. We played the games ‘What Color Ladybug is Missing?’ For art we cut out wings & made our own ‘Grouchy Ladybug’. We then talked about Caterpillars & Butterflies. We read ‘The Hungry Caterpillar' & 'The Crunchy, Munchy Caterpillar’. We listened to the felt rhymes ‘Beatrix the Butterfly' & '5 Little Butterflies’. We acted out the songs ‘Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly' & 'Caterpillar Crawled’. We played the games ‘Insect Bingo' & 'What Color Bucket is the Caterpillar in?’ For art we cut out the leaf shape and glued circle shapes onto it to make a caterpillar. Our last bug was Bees!! We read ‘Give Bees a Chance' & '10 Busy Buzzy Bees’. We listened to the felt rhymes ‘5 Busy Bees' with a Hand puppet & '5 Dragonflies’. We went on a bug hunt through the building and outside into the garden, where we found a few bugs. We played the games ‘Where is the Bee Hiding?’ For art we cut out the oval body shape & sequenced making our own bees. An important fact we learnt about Bugs is that they all play an important part in Spring!

We then moved onto Spring & Planting.  Some of the stories we read were “A Seed Grows & Tiny Seed’. We talked about what we would need in order to plant seeds and then we planted some Alpha seeds and watched them sprout over the next few days.  We listened to the felt rhymes ‘5 Little Beans' & '5 Tough & Tiny Seeds’. For art we sequenced how a plant grows, starting with a seed, a stem & then into a flower. We then used a sponge to decorate a sunflower and then add sunflower seeds.  We also spent time in the home corner ‘planting flowers and taking care of them’.  We had flowers, shovels, watering cans, gloves, buckets and vases. The flowers looked great!! We spent some time being seeds and ‘growing’. We also talked about Birds and the part they play in Spring and helping flowers. We read ‘Feathers for Lunch’ & we listened to the felt rhyme ‘5 Little Birds’. We sung ‘Little Bird in the tree’. For art we cut out the body of the bird and used our handprints to make the wings.

After Spring Break, we introduced the Leader & the Leader’s Helper. This is where they each will take a turn being both and they sit in their own chair at circle and lead the class when we leave or enter the room.  The children really rise to the occasion of being ‘role models’ to their friends.

For the last two weeks we were talking about Easter. We read ‘Happy Easter Little Critter', 'The Egg Who Couldn’t Decide', 'Spot’s First Easter', 'Easter Egg Hunt' & 'The Golden Egg Book’. We listened to the CD Stories ‘There was on Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick' & Easter Eggs Everywhere’& watched the DVD ‘Max & Ruby’s Easter’. We played the games ‘Farm Animal Bingo, Easter Chick are you hiding in the …egg? 'Which color Bunny is Missing?' & 'Which Colored Egg is Missing?’. We sung ‘Little Peter Rabbit', 'Hop Little Bunny', 'Sleeping Bunnies', 'The Bunny Bingo Song' & '5 Chicks Balancing’. We also practiced our Easter Songs that we videoed for you. We hope you enjoyed our performance?! We also had a visit from Easter Bunny who left us some Easter Treats, these looked good in our Easter Baskets that we cut and painted. We also sequenced an Egg Shaped bunny, with some of us cutting out the egg shape. We also used a salad spinner (plus our muscles) to spin paint onto our egg. We then traced an Easter Basket and decorated it with eggs. We also put a face onto our Bunny Hats that we used when we went on our Easter Egg Hunt. In the home corner we had baskets, hand puppets and Easter eggs. We spent lots of time hiding and finding the eggs and puppets.

Just a reminder, although the sun has been shining a bit more, our yard tends to be shady & cool. Please pack a jacket for your child. We are also continuing to practice being more independent by putting on & zipping up our own jackets as well as opening and closing our snack containers. Please continue to encourage your child to do these activities at home.

We are continuing Kindergarten readiness with the older children which includes encouraging them to write their own name, cut frequently & play with their friends.  We are also starting the Alphabet, where we talk about the letters at circle time.

Any questions please feel free to contact us to arrange a time to talk. 


So happy we were able to return to school after Spring Break this year.  Over the next few months we look forward to experiencing Spring time activities, both indoors and outdoors.  

Our Butterfly Kit will arrive the beginning of May and the little caterpillars with develop into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.  They will be in the Treehouse Room for all children to visit and then will be released into the Memorial Garden early June.   

I know how different it has been this year, not being able to come into the school, but we hope that the photos and blog entries keep you updated with what is happening in our classrooms.  Your support of our protocols has helped us to maintain a safe and happy environment for our teachers and your children.   If you have any concerns or questions please e-mail the office and we will pass them onto the classroom teachers.  

I know the 4s are working hard on their Kindergarten readiness skills, letters, numbers, counting and sequencing.  They are working on co-operating with their peers in group games and extending their time at circle with group activities.

I have had a number of inquiries regarding our Summer Program.  After 25 years, Cheryl 
Hebb and I have decided that we cannot continue to offer the program.  With the current protocols and guidelines we felt that it would too hard to regulate and organize the registration of community families.   We would like to thank all the families that supported us over the years.


Tuesday, 2 March 2021

MARCH 2021


Forward, MARCH, and welcome Spring, when bunnies bounce and birds all sing. When MARCH winds blow the Winter away, they get the world ready for April and May!!

March is when we start to notice all the signs of Spring!! The birds are singing louder, the flowers are peeking out of the soil and the weather can be sun, rain or snow...all in the same day!!

Spring Break is coming up and we will be taking one week off: March 15-19. The local schools will be taking two weeks off so if your child will be staying away for longer than the one week, please let us know ahead of time so we can better plan our classroom schedules.
Please remember, you should be letting us know when your child is going to be absent from school and please let us know if it is a home day, an appointment, or it is because of sickness. And please let us know what the symptoms are so we can keep track of the sicknesses in the classrooms as well as watch for symptoms in others.

Thank you so much for keeping your children away when they have runny noses, coughs and other minor ailments. We have noticed a huge improvement on the health of our students and our teachers this year! Children who are tired or just seem "out of sorts" should also stay home as sometimes we find this is just a precursor to them getting sick. 

Last March we had to shut our doors after Spring Break because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and now a year later, we are still under a lot of restrictions. Please remember, on Spring Break, to stay healthy by following all the recommendations laid out by the Government of Canada regarding Covid. If you plan on travelling, please remember to isolate if required and hopefully we will all come back healthy to socialize safely in the classrooms again.

Important Dates and Events



Registration is over and you should have received an email letting you know your child's schedule for September. If you did not receive it, check your junk file or let us know in the office. We may have an incorrect email address for you.
YOU MUST reply to the registration email to accept or decline the class. 
If you have not given a deposit yet, we must receive it before May 1st or we will not be able to save a spot for your child. Please call the office with any questions: 604-980-1326

Plenty of things happened in the classrooms last month. The teachers have written all about it below. Please take the time to read what they have to say.


What a busy month we had in our Discovery Two’s.  We started with learning about ‘love’ and Valentine’s Day and we learned about Chinese New Year. We also spent time exploring the Colours – Blue, Yellow, Green & Orange.

For Valentine’s week we listened to the Felt Story ‘The Lonely Heart’, ‘Pink Heart, Pink Heart, what do you see?’ and we read the ‘I spy Book & Valentine’s party’. We sang ‘Skidamarink, "The More we get together" & "If you love me & you Know it". We heard the felt rhymes ‘6 Valentine’s jumping on the bed, Silly Faces & 3 Naughty Hearts swinging in a tree’. We learned ‘I love you’ in sign language. For art we mixed shaving cream, powder paint & water colors to see what colors we could make. We took a print of it. We used marbles and pink & purple paint to decorate Hearts.  We also made our own heart wreathes with red, pink & purple hearts and tissue paper. We had some ‘pink snow’ in the water table that felt cold when we touched it. We finished our Valentine’s Day week with a PJ party and we made Pancakes for us to eat at snack.

We talked about Chinese New Year and a few of us decorated Fans. We read the story ‘Our First Chinese New Year’ and listened to the felt rhyme 5 Red & Gold Dragons.

We moved onto exploring Colours. For the colour ‘Blue’ we used a potato masher and blue paint to make prints. For circle we read ‘What colour is Pink?’ & sang the song ‘What colour are you wearing?’ We played the game ‘Little Mouse, which colour house are you hiding in? & ‘Which Blue shape is missing?’.  For the colour yellow we used real lemons and we had fun smelling the lemons as we made prints. We read ‘5 Little Ducks’ and sang the action rhyme ‘Sleeping Ducks’. For the colour green we used green paint & duplo blocks to make prints or we used a salad spinner & green paint to decorate apples. For circle we listened to ‘Green Frog, Green frog what do you see?’. 

We also guessed what was in the green crayon & we read the book ‘Colours’. For the colour orange we watched as oranges were juiced in front of us and we got to taste the juice. Some of us then used the left over oranges to make prints and smell the orange as we pressed it onto the paper. Some of us made carrot prints with orange paint & carrots.  For circle we listened to ‘Orange Fish, Orange Fish what do you see?’ & We also guessed what was in the orange crayon. We also practiced Yoga Poses, Namaste.

One of the children’s favourite songs we sing in transitions is “Roly, Poly”. The words we use are:

Roly poly, roly poly
Up, up, up.
Up, up, up.
Roly roly poly. Roly, roly, poly.
Down, down, down.
Down, down, down.

Repeat with in/out and left/right

In the new few weeks we will talk about Transportation, Spring & Easter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office and make a time to talk to us. 


Hello Parents! We just had another amazing month; February! Lots of new things this happened this month. We first started off with our Card project, children decorated hearts with shaving cream and watercolor for a cool rainbow effects and children were super excited of mixing up all those surprising colors.For Valentines Art, we decorated heart shaped Valentine’s Day cards for our friends using stickers and tissue paper, we then have them put in their friend’s cubby.

We also made “Bee-kind” art with egg cartons; Red and pink bracelets, stamped hearts with glitter, Valentine bags out of paper plate, and marble painting heart shapes. We brought the afternoon class for a walk looking for things we liked while holding up a heart! (They had so much fun!)

In our Valentines Circle, we talked about how to be a good friend at preschool and how to show it.  Rhymes and Games during circle: “Missing heart game”, “6 little Valentine’s Way up high in the tree”, “5 little Valentine’s to giveaway” and “10 little Purple Hearts”. Valentines Books we read: “The day it rained hearts”, “Karen’s Valentine’s surprise”, “The Smartest Giant in Town”, “Haley and Six Best Friends” and “No Matter What”.

 In the middle of the month (February 12th), we celebrated Chinese New Year, we watched a DVD called “Kai-Lan Celebrate the Chinese New Year”. We made a paper plate Ox and paper plate dragons as our Chinese new year’s Art. We read “Ruby’s Chinese New Year” and “5 Big dragons”.

 We also did a Pancake for Shrove Tuesday!

 Finally, we finished off the month with our Community helper's theme.

In circle we named and talked about many different types of community helpers. We learned about what a veterinarian was and the many types such as small animal vet, farm vet, aquatic vet and zoo vet. We also talked about what a teacher was and the many different types, where would you find them, and why are they important.   We played “Am I a community helper" game?, “Emergency medical services rhyme”, “Five busy firefighters rhyme”, and “I’m a little fire fighter rhyme.”.

We talked about the importance of going to the dentist and keeping our teeth clean.

We did the felt board story of Happy tooth/sad tooth, and songs: “Construction worker bear” & “Hurry hurry drive the fire truck.”

We also talked about how important construction workers are because they help building our homes, school, grocery stores etc.…

 Books we have read for our Community Helpers theme: “I’m going to the dentist”,

“Why did they go to the Vet ?” , “This is a construction worker”, “The Veterinarian”, and “Busy People- The Teacher”.

 For art, we made fire trucks, ambulances, Fireman hats, X-ray arts, Paper plate dogs and tooth brush art where children used a toothbrush to brush mint scented white paint on to a paper cut-out Tooth.

They also constructed their own thing using egg cartons, small boxes, wood and rocks; Sequencing a police officer using various shapes and decorating our own mailbag and “addressing” letters for the bag; “Why my pet went to the Vet” art, and decorating their own story book. In Music, we played with rhythm sticks and sang "Johnny Hammers with one Hammer."

And we played the xylophone.

The afternoon class played charades and went for a walk to the duck pond and on the way back, we got some delicious hot chocolate.

 In the next month we will be starting our journals and will start looking into Kindergarten Readiness, such as recognizing different letters, numbers, shapes… cutting and gross motor skills.

 Thanks to the children who came in wearing a pink shirt on Pink Shirt day. We talked about kindness to people around us, and we had a walk in the afternoon for a neighbourhood scavenger hunt on Pink Shirt day

 Definitely a busy but fun month!

Lastly, our children are snacking more than ever before, so kindly, please, pack MORE healthy snacks for your child to have at school. Thank you 


Love is in the air…..!!! What a beautiful month February has been. We have learned a lot!

We began the month with Valentine’s Day! We began by talking about who we love….such as our families and friends and what we can do to show them our love. We had great answers such as mom, dad, sister, brother and we’d love by helping our mom, playing with sibling(s), or reading together. So sweet! We read many great books such as: The Lonely Heart, Mouse’s First Valentine’s, The Day it rained hearts, The Colour of Love,  The Biggest Valentine ever, I love you because you’re you, Love, Splat and a draw & tell story called Karen’s Valentine’s surprise. During circle, we also enjoyed felt board rhymes called: 6 Valentine’s hearts, 5 Valentine’s to give away, valentine tree and silly faces. 

The children also had fun playing a felt board game to guess which colour heart was missing, action heart game, freeze dance, and  "little heart, little heart" guessing game, and "Will you be my Valentine?"  One of our favourite songs we sang was Skidamarink with lots of actions and we also sang "Love love love" and the tricky song called Heart with the tune of bingo.

 For art, the children traced a heart shape and used their fine motor skills to tear up colourful tissue paper to fill the heart shape. We also made a beautiful heart wreath using various sizes of hearts and we got busy decorating our Valentine’s Day bags. The children got creative using stickers, glitter glue, and doilies.  This year due to the circumstances of Covid, the children made Valentine’s Day cards at school. 

They used stickers, tissue paper, doilies and some drew on them as well. The most fun part though was putting it in the bags for their friends. What a great way to show our friends how much we care about them! We also did a fun art using shaving cream and water colours! Once the children mixed the colours, they took a heart shape and made the impression of the shaving cream! How fun to see the marbled design pop up on the heart shape!  On our party day, we loved seeing the children dressed in either red, pink, white or gold. All the children had a turn putting the ingredients in and mixing our pancake recipe! The best part was eating them during lunch! Mmmm! 

This year it was the year of the Ox for Chinese New Year!  

During circle, we talked about the traditions of this celebration. We read the book : My first Chinese New Year. The book showed us how families get ready by cleaning the bad luck out of their homes to allow good luck to enter! We also learned that children get ready by getting fresh haircuts and new clothes. Moreover, we saw how families gather to have a delicious feast that’s prepared at home! The best part is when families go to watch the dragon parade and get red envelopes with money to wish them good luck and prosperity! Our children were super happy to take a red envelope home too!

We also had fun singing the felt board rhyme "5 little oxen" and "Lucky envelopes"! We finished our day by watching a DVD called Kai-Lan Celebrates Chinese New Year! For art, we used our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to cut straight lines on our red lanterns. We than used Q-tips to decorate them with gold paint. They looked great! 

For our last two weeks in the month we focused on shapes and colours. In the first week we learned about the shapes square, and circle. We also looked at which primary colours, when mixed together make  new colours.  Our first experiment was taking red and yellow watercolours and mixing them to get orange. We incorporated this in our art when the children cut out 2 sides of the square shape diffusing paper then watched as they mixed the watercolours to give them an orange result. During circle, we read the book called Square, Perfect Square and Who said red? We also sang the songs called: Sammy square, and Square song. Moreover, we played a few games as well! We played a shape bean bag tossing game, find the matching colour bowl, and if you’re holding a square and pass the colour action songs.  For our circle shape, we read the books:  The Crayon box that talked, What is round?  &  Little blue, Little yellow yellow Leo Leoni  which were also the colours we talked about. We mixed our watercolours and discovered they make green. The children also sang the songs: Circle, 5 little crayons. 

We also played find a circle/round shape in the room, which green coloured item is missing, find the colour bowl matching game,  and in the gym we played a wall memory game. For art, we used blue & yellow paint with various size lids to stamp a collage. It was fun watching the children mix the colours on the collage and see how they made green. 

On our last week of the month, we looked at the shapes rectangle, triangle, and oval. We also looked at how red and blue made purple, red and white made pink and how the three primary colours would possibly make brown! We read the books: Where is rectangle? 2 long, 2 short, Not a box, Triangle, and Friendshape. The children enjoyed watching a house take shape as we watched the felt board story called The Shape story.  We sang the songs: Ricky rectangle, I’m a triangle, One-two-three, and Ollie oval. We even helped the Shape Monster eat different shapes as the children fed it the shapes they were holding. We also liked the action song If you have a rectangle please stand up….For art, the children used their cutting skills to cut the sides of a rectangle and used red and blue to make a “butterfly print” by folding over the one side and see the print on the opposite side.  They even used rectangle shaped diffusing paper and used red and blue block paint to make their own designs.  For the triangle, children cut the sides and used a salad spinner to spin red and white paint to make pink! They looked super cool! We even played the triangle instruments in music class! 

Our last shape was oval! We wanted to see what colours the children would create by mixing the 3 primary colours. We used an oval shape paper to make their impressions. Some looked like rainbows, some made brown, and some were all different colours together. It was fun!

 As we look forward to March, we will be looking at bugs, spring with flowers and planting and Easter!

We will be incorporating kindergarten readiness as well with various learning opportunities.

For our 4’s, we will be practicing writing their name, holding a pencil with a pincer grip, and putting on/off our jackets and zipping as well. 

For our 3’s, we will continue with putting on/off our jackets, hand over hand writing their name, gripping the scissors and cutting straight lines. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please set up a time through email or phone to talk to your teachers. 



Happy March!  It is always a pleasure to spend time in the classrooms and see the excitement that each program theme brings to the children.  

The Discovery 2’s are engaging more in parallel play and are chatting with each other.  The teachers are wanting to help with toilet training, so just let them know what you are doing at home and they can follow through at school.  Once you make the daytime move out of pull-ups to underwear it is will be less confusing for your child to just wear the underwear.  They will have accidents, but this is part of the learning process.   

Both the Treehouse and Sunflower Rooms are busy meeting the developmental stages of each child.  Activities are age appropriate and extra assistance is given when needed.  Kindergarten Readiness is an important part of the last few months.  The children will be learning skills through play and I will be sending home a Kindergarten list of skills what families can work on together.  

Have a nice Spring Break.

Monday, 8 February 2021

February 2021

Love is what happens when two hearts find their happy place right beside each other!

February is the shortest month but it definitely has the biggest heart!!

Well, we are past the half-way point in our preschool year! Only eighteen more weeks until the Summer break! Hard to believe! Things will be amping up around the school so make sure you don't miss a thing!


Registration for September is well under way! All currently enrolled families have handed in their registrations. You will all get an email on Feb. 16th regarding your child's registration. (Everyone got the days and times they wanted) Classrooms will be assigned at the end of summer and you will receive your Gradual Entry Schedule about 2 weeks before the start of school in September. 

We have now opened registration up to the community and they have begun to send in their forms and deposits. If you know anyone who will be needing childcare, please point them in our direction. Word of mouth is our BEST advertisement!!


We will be doing our Oh So Popular Samosa Fundraiser again!! We will be sending out the ordering information Feb. 8th, and delivery will be March 10th. Don't forget to send the ordering information to your friends and family!! The more we order, the more profit St. Catherine's will get! And that means more fun and exciting classroom activities!!


The Card Project is another fundraiser where your child's art is turned into greeting cards! They are amazing! The teachers have begun collecting your child's art work and we will be sending it off in March. Watch your email in March for further details!! 


We will be starting an account at the Bottle Depot on Brooksbank Ave. in North Vancouver and families will be able to donate their bottles and cans to St. Catherine's Childcare Society by attaching one of our special labels. MORE INFO TO FOLLOW!! Watch your email!!



*As usual, if you are going to be away, please let us know in advance so we can better plan our days. 

*If you are traveling during Spring Break, or leaving the country, please make sure you are isolating or quarantining as per the Canadian Government Covid-19 protocols before returning to school. More information here:

Virtual Pancake Supper Shrove Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 2021.

 Every year we celebrated Pancake Tuesday with pancakes, sausages, ice cream and cookies in the gym.  Donations collected were given to the Primate World Relief and Development Fund.  So many people came together to have a great meal and socialize.  There were crafts for the young ones, such a special event! 

Shove Tuesday is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent, on Ash Wednesday.  40 days leading up to Easter, Lent was traditionally a time of prayer, fasting and penance, so one ate pancakes to use up the rich foods before the fasting started.  So remember pancakes are not only for breakfast, they taste great for dinner.  Enjoy!

Please check out the Church's website to see how your can join this year's Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper!!

FEBRUARY IS A SHORT MONTH BUT JANUARY WAS LONG!! We know you don't get a chance to see what is going on inside our classrooms so check out below to see what programming and activities the teachers do for the children. 
And there are pictures too! 

RAINBOW ROOM - Danielle, Marjan, Vibha

We hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday.

January was a busy and exciting month in the Rainbow room. 
We mostly talked about Winter, snow, snowmen, and Winter animals. We started with Winter sports. We had toboggans in the home corner with Winter animals.  On the light table we had a matching game and also ski equipment. 
On the science table we had a hockey jersey and some Winter sport books. In the water table we had shredded paper that children really seemed to enjoy.

For circle time, there was a hockey stick story and game, Winter Friends book, and we did some creative movement like skating, skiing, and also playing with an ice hockey activity game, and toboggans to sit in. 

For art, there was Jersey marble colouring, ice cube colouring with hockey sticks, sled painting with shaving cream, ski boot prints with paint and glitter, toques with shaving cream and paint, and ice skating painting with q-tips and cotton balls. 

We moved on to snow and snowmen after that. At the science table, we had felt snowmen and we put a castle and princesses on the floor for the children to play with. We had lots of snowflakes and snowmen felt activities on the tables too. For circle time, we did some snowflake body movement, listened to the stories of Five Little Mittens, Five Little Snowflakes, One Snowy Day CD story, and the Mittens Game. For art, they made popsicle stick snowflakes and made melted snowmen with shaving cream.

For the last week, we talked about Winter animals. We had a beautiful house corner with the Penguin House and the children enjoyed playing inside with various other winter animals. 
On the light and science table, we had lots of winter animals for children to play with.

For circle time, there was Five Little Penguins felt story, a Penguin Big Surprise book, yoga, walking around the class  pretending to be a penguin, and Polly the Polar Bear story.

For art, we made penguins by using a potato masher tool to make a print and then the children added eyes and beaks to it. 

Children made polar bears with tissue paper and glitter, and also made foot prints on the paper with paint.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to one of the teachers or call the office.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to a great month of February!

TREEHOUSE ROOM - Arsi, Brita, Carol, Karen, Marjan, Rose

We hope you had a wonderful Winter break and are excited about starting the new year!

January has been an exciting and busy month for the children! We spent the first half of the month exploring all about Winter. We learned about the different types of Winter weather, the clothing we can wear, and some Winter animals.

For the last half of the month, we entered the world of Transportation. We discussed the the different forms of transportation and where you would find them.

For Winter art, the children decorated mittens with jewels, paint, and cotton, used shaving cream and water colours to colour toques and boots, and marble painted hockey jerseys. The children created snowflakes with water colours and Epson salts and melted snowmen with paint, glue, and shapes. They made penguins using various shapes such as circles, hearts, and ovals. They used fork printing to create a polar bear face and glued on the facial features. They also created igloos with bear tracks outside, and made snowy owls by sponge painting the body and head and gluing on eyes and a beak.

The artwork for the theme of Transportation consisted of paper plate sailboat scenes, hot air balloons out of shapes and string, and painting cars. They made traffic lights, school buses, and trains out of egg cartons, paint, and pre-cut shapes. The children painted a canoe and ocean scene, made a yellow school bus out of squares, circles, and rectangles, and edible street lights out of graham crackers, melted chocolate, and skittles!

Our circle time for Winter included the types of weather we experience, the warm clothing we wear, and learned about some Winter animals, such as penguins, polar bears, and snowy owls. Some of the books we read included: The Mitten, The Hat, Flip and Flop, So Much Snow, How to Hide a Polar Bear, CD story When will it Snow? and a short wildlife video of a snowy owl. The children learned some rhymes like 5 Colourful Mittens, 5 Little Penguins, 5 Little Polar Bears, 5 Little Snowflakes, the Hat and Scarf song and Find the Missing Mitten game. We played games like move like a penguin and hoot like an owl.

Our circle time for transportation consisted of the definition, how we travelled in the past and present day, identifying the different forms and where would you find them, such as the air, water, or on land. We played games like what is it and where do you use it, which colour bus is missing, we sang Wheels on the Bus, and 5 Big Airplanes Flying By, I am an Airplane movement song, and a transportation felt board story. The children listened to the books Things That Go, Fly, Wheels on the Bus, and Wake Up Engine. The children pretended to go on a canoe trip for a picnic lunch. We listened to the CD story We All Go Traveling and watched the DVD called Mighty Machines!

Our home corner was transformed into a winter castle,  where the children would walk across the drawbridge and enter the magical castle.  Inside, they played with smaller castles and a wooden castle set. The castle turned into a repair garage for transportation. The children pretended to be cars that needed to be repaired or filled up with gas. They used tools to fix smaller cars, trucks, and trains. Also, the children pretended to be bus drivers and drive their friends around town! We even had a large tent fire truck where the children would crawl inside and pretend to fire fighters!

Our treehouse went from being a warm cozy house with snow and icicles on the outside to a hot air balloon where the children could go for a ride.

Our block corner went from being a winter Groovy girl scene to a construction site. We  had large dump trucks and bull dozers where the children pretended to be construction workers. They would transport colourful blocks around the construction mat and work together to build towers.

Our classroom tables for winter had a large winter animal scene, lacing winter clothing shapes, large winter puzzles, colour and shape matching games, and matching mittens sets. For transportation, the children played with Lego, gears, transportation puzzles, toy airplanes with Little People, train set, and transportation matching cards.

For a special event, the children were treated to a street car zoom presentation from the new North Vancouver Street Car Museum! They learned all about the first street cars and where they would travel throughout the North Shore!

During our extended program, the children went for walks around the neighborhood and identified the different modes of transportation that they saw. They went to the library for a book presentation on transportation and hot chocolate at Delany’s!

It has been an action packed first month back!

Thank you for your continued support by always wearing face masks, social distancing, and keeping your child home if they are not feeling well. It is truly appreciated.

SUNFLOWER ROOM - Arsi, Danielle, Carol

It is hard to believe we have been back for a month now, where did the time go? We had a very busy month venturing into space and then returning to Earth to explore Winter.

We started off learning about Astronauts, what they wear into space, how they need to exercise to keep fit, how there is no gravity in space and that we need spaceships to get there. We turned the house corner into a space ship, with our own rocket ship & command center. We read ‘The Space Walk, There was an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon, Sheep Blast Off, Come back to Earth Esther & Look Up’. We had lots of fun using creative moment to be astronauts, walking around space or even blasting off as rockets. We played the games ‘What Color Helmet is missing? Where is the Spaceship? Rocket Ship, Rocket ship what do you see? What spaceship is missing (memory game) & Which star is hiding behind the moon?’ We listened to the felt rhymes 5 Astronauts, My Astronaut, 4 Rocket Ships & sang “Zoom, zoom, zoom we are going to the moon, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star & Bumping Up & Down in my little Space Shuttle’. For art we made our own Astronauts wearing a space suit, a Name Rocket ship and a Sun using paint under cling wrap were the children got to use their fingers to move it around the paper.

The next week we moved into exploring the planets in our galaxy. We started with Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars and then moved onto Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. We talked about the different planets and their surfaces, their distance from the moon and how close they were to Earth. We discussed how some of the planets were cold, some hotter than others, some had rings and some had lots of moons. We read ‘The Man on The Moon, Chicken & Space, Life on Mars & The Planets ‘. We sang ‘Earth (Bingo song) & Solar System in Motion’. We learnt some Space Yoga poses and watched an interactive DVD Called ‘Little Einstein’s space Race Rematch’. For art we used diffusing paper and water colors to make Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars.  For Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune we Marble Painted with many different colors to try to create the planets.  We traced a circle for the moon and used paint mixed with flour & lids to make craters, to create the moon.

We landed back in Earth, right into Winter. We talked about Winter Animals: Penguins, Polar Bears & Harp Seals. We read facts about the animals, how Penguins only live in the South and Polar Bears live in the North and harp seals are born white. We read “The Snow Bear, There was an Old Lady who Swallowed some Snow, Winter Friends & The Little Penguin (CD Story)’. We listened to the felt stories ‘Polly The Polar Bear & Sammy the Seal Counts to 11’ & the felt Rhymes 5 Polar Bears, 5 Penguins & 5 Smart Seal’. We played the games ‘Which Penguin is Missing? & Marco the Snow Seal’. We acted out ‘I’m a Little Penguin, Polar Bear Twinkle & The Seal went over the Iceberg’. In the water table we added ‘snow’ that was fluffy and felt cold. 

For Art we used paint, a fork & glued on ears, a nose & eyes onto paper to make a polar bear. For the penguins, we cut the bottom of his body and then we glued it all together and put on a beak & googly eyes. With the seal we glued on his face and then used glitter for his body. We turned the house corner into a tobogganing hill with winter animals to pull around. We also had huge fun taking turns to pull our friends on the toboggans at circle time.


The Essentials of Development:

 Emotional Development means developing a full range of emotions, from sad to happy to angry, and learning to handle them appropriately.  This leads to deeper qualities – sympathy, caring, resilience, self-esteem, assertiveness and being able to rise to life’s challenges.

 Cognitive Development means being able to communicate, to think both creatively and abstractly, to pay attention and to solve problems, and develop keen judgement and a lifelong readiness to learn.

 Social Development means being able to make friends and get along with others, work as part of a team and be a good leader, all of which are built on self-confidence, cooperation and trust.

 Children learn at various rates and will show strengths in different areas.  The following is a list of what your child needs to learn before Kindergarten:

  • To play and imagine
  • To pay attention to others
  • To imitate others; verbally and physically
  • To understand and use language
  • To initiate and make choices
  • To function independently and ask for help

The 4’s teachers will be starting their curriculum to support the children’s Kindergarten Readiness Skills, and all these will be taught through play i.e. swatting letters with a fly swatter, counting and sorting toys and planning small group activities where the children need to communicate their choices to one another.

 Readiness: invokes 3 key factors:

  1. The task at hand makes sense to the child.
  2. The task builds on prior accomplishments and learning flow.
  3. The child demonstrates a real and visible interest in the task and in the next steps.

Young children lean best through play because it is meaningful, engaging, interactive, interesting and enjoyable.

If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail the office and the classroom teachers or myself will get back to you.  Our priority is your child’s development and self-esteem.